Top 5 UX Magazines

UX magazines encompassed with the User Experience Designer (UED or UXD) in mind, give briefs on the newest Information Architecture (IA) to create predictive, organized and enviable designs. They help the web designers with the introduction of new software by keeping in mind the active pace of technology progression and the need for change. There are many journals which provide innovative, descriptive and brief knowledge of user interface for professionals as well as the beginners. Here’s a list of top 5 UX magazines to discover the real User Experience.



Boxes and Arrows

This is a publication devoted to improving and promoting the efforts of the IA community. Boxers and Arrows bestow the readers with innovations, practice and discussion related to designs including interaction design, graphics, information architecture and the design of business. Precise, concise and very clear, the information shared by the community can easily be grasped even by the entry level practitioners. It is one of the oldest online journals, so, you will find a lot of trained contributors here.

UX Booth

This is a magazine dedicated by the UX community for the current and upcoming user experience developers and designers. The group writes from a variety of perspectives about User Experience and provides website usability reviews from which all developers and designers can easily benefit. All of their weekly articles are very informative. In addition, the integration of pictures further makes the articles simple and very easy to grasp.

UX Magazine

This informative magazine explores, promotes, and talk about the multiple aspects of the complex user experience one article at a time. With professional and creative contributors working on various facets of UX, the journal is full of creative, informative and useful contents. The online publication also fosters communication between groups – for instance, designers communicating with other designers; or technologists discussing with other technologists for the excellent user experience outcome. In addition, if you are looking for strategies and tactics of successful customer and user experience, UX Magazine is the place!


If you aim to seek information on events and news about user experience, Konigi is one of the best journals. The publication talks about various UX events and news in their blog. In addition, the blog curates as well as reviews visual and interface designs as well as generates tools for UX designers. Full of shared knowledge and influence, it is a good resource and toolbox for all visual and user interface designers. The showcase section on the website is quite functional and useful.

UX Matters

A unique platform, UX Matters is a publication meant to help various user experience professionals at every stage in their line of business. The authors educate all professionals with best UX practices. All the articles offer broad coverage of important user experience topics, ranging from practical, focused, and actionable advice to brief synopsis of the broader subject matter and profound thought pieces that investigate tactical facets of user experience.

Whether you are an expert and looking for more tools and ideas or a beginner who wants advice from experts and seeking innovative ideas, the above listed UX magazines are the best journals to help you see how to instantly boost site usability