10 Cool User Experience Infographics to Check Out

I find infographics to be really fun to look at, but more importantly, you can learn so much from them. They are some of the most engaging materials to learning the important numbers in any industry. Today, I have listed ten awesome user experience infographics that will teach you about different topics in the user experience field. With that, enjoy and happy learning! 1. UX 101 – What is User Experience


2. The Age of User Experience Design tumblr_mcbes1cipg1qzbqbto1_1280 3. Improve User Experience with Sticky Navigation infographic-sticky_navigation_2 4. Responsive Web Design an-infographic-about-responsive-design_516e40fed7ce5 5. User Experience Design: Deliverables Map and Resources user-experience-design-process-deliverables 6. User Experience: The Five Levels of the Process 0c6abb11554f796a9f3c02b055239931 7. Visual and UX Design Trends for 2013 7f4fd1c21c399543335e550fb794bdf5 8. Designing the User Experience 9440a7a8dd6ad4e8192cdb2a0dad8108 9. Creating Better User Experience dn_thumb 10. Design for User Experience    Untitled-2