10 UX Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

By: Megan @UXMotel Wilson Sure, you can find amazing material online in blogs and magazines, but how did you get to those resources in the first place? It’s no news to us that Twitter has proved to be a huge player in providing useful materials for learning and engagement in all areas and industries. Twitter can be an excellent avenue to expand your UX knowledge and stay current with industry news. I recently learned via twitter about a new tool that provides real-time contextual guidance to users. We all have come across amazing blogs, but have found that some blog owners do not utilize Twitter to the fullest – no worries, no harm in that. However, for those of us who are eager to find the best material out there, in areas that are of great interest to us, well, knowing the right people and who to “stalk”, if you will, is useful. With that, I’ve provided you with ten of the top user experience influencers that truly use Twitter to its fullest in order to teach us about the latest UX issues.
  1. Paul Boag

  2. Catalina Naranjo Bock

  3. Jan Jursa

  4. UX Mastery

  5. Paul Olyslager

  6. Crystal Ehrlich

  7. Foolproof UX

  8. Aaron Strom

  9. Maastrix UX

  10. Catriona Cornett


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