15 Hottest User Experience Interviews of the Year

It’s always a pleasure to pick the minds of the most influential user experience practitioners and influencers out there. It certainly makes my work much more exciting. Today, I would like to share with you the 15 hottest user experience interviews of the year. Checking through each one is certainly worth you while. These are the guys you want to learn from! With that, enjoy this very selective list of UX interviews!

Peter Picone, Director of User Experience at Oracle Software

Lisa Duddington, Research and Usability Expert at Keep It Usable

Sonny Chhen, UI & UX Manager at Citrix

Ken Rutsky, President and Principal Consultant at KJR Associates Inc.

Tal Florentin, UX Specialist, Author, Lecturer, & Imagineer

Steven Ma, Sr. User Experience Designer at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Idan Gazit, Django Core Designer

Sarah Berchild, Director of UX Design at Get Satisfaction

Adi Mazor Kario, UI/UX Architect & Manager of Wizard UI Consulting

Bennett King, Qualcomm’s Principal UX Researcher

Jenica Welch, National Instruments’ Sr. Software Interaction Designer

Shai Wininger, Co-Founder of Fiverr

Lee Duddell, Head of UX at WhatUsersDo

Jay Carlson, Senior User Experience Designer

Catalina Naranjo-Bock, User Experience Design Researcher