19 UX Influencers You Should Definitely Be Talking To

Are you looking to hook up with the leading UX influencers and bloggers? Take a look at this list to get in touch with the hottest UXers today!

Whitney Hess

Whitney Hess is a user experience strategist and management consultant. She is also writer and chief editor of Pleasure and Pain, a blog centered on improving the human experience. Follow her @whitneyhess.

Justin Mifsud

Justin Mifsud is user interface designer and user experience consultant by day and blogger by night. He is also Chief Writer and Editor of Usability Geek, where he evangelizes about the importance of making the web a usable place and, more importantly, how to do it. Follow him @justinmifsud.

Martin Polley

Martin Polley is an interaction designer and technical writer at Intel in Haifa, Israel (via IFN Solutions). He is the creator of Livetyping, the video course that teaches UX designers how to make interactive, clickable prototypes using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Follow him @martinpolley.

Priyanka Kodikal

Priyanka Kodikal is a visual designer from Austin, TX. These days, she dabbles in UX research and design. You can follow her @pkodikal, connect with her on Linkedin and at GettingToUX.com, her UX journal. Priyanka believes she is a UX designer in the making!

Idan Gazit

Designer, developer, djangonaut, geek. Idan likes to find ways to bridge the worlds of development and the many other design-related issues which affect product: interaction, information architecture, and visual design. As Django’s benevolent designer for life, he is busy trying to make Django a shining example of cooperation between developers and designers in the open source community. Idan occasionally writes longform at gazit.me, where links to his other activities around the web can be found. He tweets as @idangazit, and resides in the warm mediterranean paradise of Tel Aviv, geeking out with his wife and two daughters.

Steven Ma

Steven Ma is a Sr. User Experience Designer at Amazon Mechanical Turk.  He is a believer in interaction efficiency and intelligence, and this belief forms the core of his interaction design work.  Prior to joining Amazon in 2012, he was the lead UX engineer at the IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization group where he spent a decade designing Web and desktop applications for enterprise systems.  You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Sarah Berchild

Sarah is the Director of User Experience Design at Get Satisfaction. If you would like to contact her, you may do so via Twitter!

Adi Mazor Kario

Adi is a UX architect. She worked both as in-house UX and as a UX consultant for 15 years but she is still enthusiastic and passionate about UX since the day she started. Adi holds a BA in Design and MA in cognitive science. Adi is the manager and owner of Wizard UI Consulting, which specializes in “Creating Happy Users”. Take a look at what she thinks about the most burning issues surrounding user experience! You may follow Adi via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Prashant Jawale

Prashant is a usability tester at Techved Consulting, which specializes in other fields like e-commerce website solutions as well. You may follow Prashat via TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or his blog.

Bennett King

Bennett King is a Principal User Experience Researcher at Qualcomm Research where he shares his time between dark, windowless labs and the wilds of field research. He is hoping to discover new ways to use and interact with mobile devices. You can find him here: @skunkwUrX or via LinkedIn.

Jenica Welch

Jenica is Sr. Software Interaction Designer at National Instruments. She works on R & D, but the main focus of her work is both desktop and mobile application design. You may connect with her via LinkedIn.

Shai Wininger

Shai is Co-Founder and CTO of Fiverr.com. He loves executing complex ideas and bringing them to life as desirable products which sell. Shai has a true passion for elite coding, hacking, product, branding, UI/UX and design> You may check out his blog Hacking, Shmacking and follow him @shai_wininger.

Lee Duddell

Lee Duddell is Founder & Head of UX at WhatUsersDo. He is passionate about improving digital experiences for everyone. That is why he founded WhatUsersDo – so that organisations can base digital design decisions on UX insight and not hunches. You may follow him @whatusersdo.

Jay Carlson

Jay is a user experience designer from South Dakota, living in Fort Worth, TX. He slings pixels for The Gnome, promotes bicycle awesomeness in & around DFW, and runs a small photography business with his wife. When he is not at his computer, you can find him tearing up the mountain bike trails or in his garage getting his hands dirty. If you would like to connect with Jay, you may follow him @thejaycarlson or through his creative resume.

Catalina Naranjo-Bock

Catalina is a hybrid user experience designer and researcher who has collaborated with creative departments in companies across the US, Europe, Canada and South America in the area of human-centered product development. She has also served as adjunct faculty, speaker, and author in different design and research related contexts. Her professional engagements include projects with Intel, LEGO, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Yahoo!. Explore this interview in more depth to discover the answers to burning user experience issues.

Sabina Idler

Sabina is community manager and UX Specialist  at Usabilla. Her education focused on usability, her passion is the user experience and design is her key to both of them. Sabina writes regularly on design and UX related topics on the Usabilla Blog.

Maya Shoham

Maya Shoham is the Head of Customer Relations at BannerPlay, a revolutionary ad network that gives advertisers and publishers a great user experience with extremely effective and easy to use advertising tools. Visit Banner Plays’s blog and Facebook.

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a usability professional who loves to play chess and has a strong eye for details. He’s also the CEO of IDYeah Creations, a UX practice in Pune, India. Vishal is also a guest blogger on UXBooth, Technorati, BlogCritics, and SAP Community Network.

Tal Florentin

Tal Florentin is a leading User Experience practitioner who successfully led dozens of companies and organization to effective products using a winning User Experience strategy. He is the author of The User Experience – When People Meet Products and Director of UXVision, User Experience Certification Program.