Top 5 UX Resources You Missed Before Christmas

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for being loyal readers. Second, I wish all UX Motel friends a very Merry Christmas! With that, check out the top five user experience resources you might have missed before the holiday hustle! Trends in User Experience by Janet M. Six, published on UXMatters Janet beat me to it! Explore this in-depth article to get a look at the burning issues in user experience today and what will be the possible hot topics in the near future. Janet gives us a detailed experience with her interviews of some of the key UX experts today. Top 10 Experience Design Blog Posts of 2012 by Foolproof UX, published on Foolproof Blog I’m quite fond of posts like this one, thanks to Foolproof UX, because they’ve gone ahead and condensed some of the best UX material of 2012. Dive into this list of top experience design posts to get ahead on your UXmas reading! The Ten Principles of Good Design by Bogdan, published on Design Superstars Discover the ten principles of good design based on Dieter Rams, prominent industrial designer, and see how you can design your product to be great for you users. Infographic: 8 Deadly Sins of Site Design by KissMetrics, published on Nexus Themes Want to know why your visitors are leaving your website? Check out this infographic by KissMetrics, who are known for being quite successful in their conversion process, to see what elements are keeping you from converting your customers. 10 UX Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter by Danielle Arad, published on UX Motel Quite a useful resource, if you ask me – I’ve compiled this handy dandy list for you to keep track of some of the top user experience influencers today. It’s one thing to write great resources, but it’s another thing to have those articles accessible socially. Take a look at this list of UX influencers and start following them to receive some of the best User Experience material out there!