3 Cool Kickstarter Projects with a Slick UI and even Slicker Product

I recently checked out the Kickstarter website to see what new and creative ideas are circulating at the moment. I’ve got to say that I am impressed. While the following list is quite small and selective, Kickstarter has its list of amazing product. Congratulations to them for being persistent and dedicated enough to raise the funding they need to create awesome products for us! With that, I would like to introduce you to three Kickstarter projects that have slick user interfaces, but even more importantly, slicker products.
  1. Pressy – the Almighty Android Button!
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve become frustrated just by the smallest process of….unlocking my phone to activate an app. Yep, you’d think it would be simple and quick. But, when you check out an app, lock the phone, then want to open the same app (or another one for that matter), the process can be time-consuming and, frankly, annoying. No more, nah ah! The savior of the day? Pressy. “Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone.” Pressy is a tiny physical button that connects to your phone through the headphone jack. The button paired with the application, lets you perform any Action on your smartphone by using the most intuitive input – clicking a button.


The product is so unobtrusive to your smartphone that having an external button attached in the jack of your phone is no biggie. How does it work?
  1. Plug in the Pressy Button
  2. Launch the app
  3. Customize the type of click-combinations you want for different actions on your phone
  4. Save
  5. Start clicking to complete your actions.
Pressy let’s you set many different types of actions to be launched by the Button.


Props to them for: A simple, “why didn’t I think of that” idea. The app UI looks great and offers lots of cool features, even API customization for those who are whiz kids.
  1. Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform
Before you go ahead and jump to conclusions with the “Oh, another blogging platform?”, wait until you see this one. While they dub themselves “just another blogging platform” – it really isn’t “JUST another blogging platform.” Ghost brings sexy to blogging. Ghost is an open source blogging platform that makes writing simple, enjoyable, and good-looking. It’s everything you wanted in a good-looking, simple publishing platform. The product is really beautifully designed and simple to use. How does it work? Ghost has two split screens – one side is a smart writing screen, where you can write down your ideas and format them (saves those who are haunted by HTML). The other side shows you the formatting that you are doing on the screen beside it.


Ghost offers a simple yet slick dashboard  interface that allows you to see all of the data of your content performance.


Props to them for: A mobile option. With Ghost, you can create edit your blog on your mobile device with its elegant mobile application. The product is totally responsive so that you can create content when you’re on the go. You can also customize Ghost completely because it is open source.
  1. 1 Second Everyday App
I’ve gotten quite fond of those Vine videos – hysterical. It’s fun to play around with them and create new, creative ideas with the six second video clip, but I don’t see how it’s really meaningful. 1 Second Everyday App takes super-short video clips to a more meaningful level. “Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…” 1 Second Everyday is an app that lets you record….one second of every day of your life (it’s basically that), to create a full movie. How Does it Work? 1 Second Everyday lets you make every day count by accessing the video in your camera roll to start recording. You may select a specific period of time to  record and even set up reminders so you don’t forget that crucial second of your day.


Props to them for: Setting up cool reminders to let you know that you have to record your one second. What’s also nice about this app is the interface. It’s engaging and friendly and pretty intuitive. It set up to look like a calendar and once a video is recorded on a specific day, a screenshot from the clip is pasted to that day. Another great feature – multiple timelines. If you have great milestones in your life that you’d like to record, set it up in the timeline.