3 GUI Testing Tools to Know

Advanced technologies are great for many different reasons including using gui testing tools to develop great products. The primary goal of various types of software applications and products is to make activities that people perform more efficient, effective and easier so that they can save time without experiencing a lot of confusion and unnecessary problems. Therefore, the functionality and the ease of use is important for any type of software application that is deployed on the market today. One of which in specifics involves graphical user interfaces.

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Graphical user interfaces can be described as any kind of interface that provides the user with graphical icons and visual indicators with the purpose of making electronic processes easier. Which means, instead of the user typing a specific long term command to perform an action, the user will simply click on graphical icons to initiate and perform a specific activity. However, when these interfaces are designed, they must be done with the user in mind so that they complete all kinds of activities intuitively without having to stop and think about what needs to be done. Therefore, they can breeze through the intended transactions as they navigate from one to another.

Before a graphic user interface can meet these and other specifications, they will need to be tested in advance. This is where GUI testing tools come into the picture. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of different GUI testing tools on the market today. However, they are not all equal since some of these tools are much better and advanced than others. Because this kind of testing can be strenuous and time consuming, the software developer’s best friend is a GUI testing tool that makes the job of finding problems and correcting them easier.

In short, software developers all over the world are always looking for the best ways to perform quality assurance testing so they can identify any and all problems before they are implemented to the consumer in a production environment. It is critical for the developer to find the problems before the GUI interface has been released to the consumer because it may require emergency fixes to be done to the program. Thereby, making it difficult for the consumer to have confidence in the software products and applications that they are using. Also, when problems are found after the product has been released, it may cost the company that they have built the software for large sums or money, especially if it results in loads of consumer complaints.

3 GUI Testing Tools to Know


If the software developer is looking for a Java based GUI testing tool that they can use to get their testing done efficiently and effectively. They may want to start their research by looking at Abbot. Abbot is currently well known as the best tool that will fit this kind of demand. When the developer incorporates Abbot into their software project development plan, they can test their Java user interface in advance before it is released to the consumer.

It is important to note Abbot has been developed as an open source tool that utilizes Costello as its script editor. Costello is built into its framework so it can be used in multiple ways. Therefore, this kind of testing tool may be used as a compiled code or as a script. In fact, developers are free to use it for functional and unit testing. The latest version of Abbot is 1.2.0 and is supported by Microsoft OS Platform.


In addition to choosing Abbot as a potential option for Java based testing, software developers may also want to consider the testing tool called eggplant. This software testing tool is well known in the software development community as a quality assurance automation and graphical user interface testing software product and can be used by people who are assigned as testers. The advanced features in this tool is based on a different concept since it uses image matching technology.

The testing tool, eggplant can be utilized for many different kinds of testing methods including black box testing, performance testing, automation and functional testing. All of which makes it an amazing tool to use since it focuses on image comparison and image based testing software products and applications. This product, however, is not an open source tool. So, the developers that may want to try it before they buy it can take advantage of their free trial period version. There are a few other things that developers will need to know that involves Mac OS, Solaris, Linux and Windows since they are the platforms that support this product. Additionally, Its scripting language is visual design and the developer for the automated product is being reported as TestPlant.


Ranorex is also known in the testing community as an exceptionally attractive tool since it offers developers and testers an automation framework. The framework in this testing tool is used to test mobile, desktops and web-based applications. It does not include any scripting language because it uses various programming languages like VB. Net and C#. If a developer or tester is interested in this kind of GUI software testing tool, they should take advantage of a 30 day free trial period that is offered on their official site. The software is a propriety product that has been developed by Ranorex GmbH. The latest version that people should look for is Ranorex 5.1.3. Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are the platforms that support this testing application.

There are so many different types of advances in technology today. Many of which are exceptional software applications that include GUI interfaces. Before these applications can be released to the consumer, they will need to be tested. Choosing the right testing tools can make the difference between a great product and one that is inferior. So, it is important for software developers to know what is available to them on the market today. Three of the top GUI testing tools on the market today include Abbot, eggPlant and Ranorex.

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