3 Important User Experience Guidelines

With the refining in the pattern of behavior of website visitors, the importance of user experience has increased in website designing. The concepts of user experience are always changing but there are some user experience guidelines which are still as effective as before. 1. Don’t Let the Users Think Try to make the webpage self-explanatory and apparent. While designing the website you should try to make it simple so that the users don’t have to think consciously about right, wrong or alternatives of your website. If the architecture of your website is irrational, then the number of questions that users ask themselves while surfing will keep on increasing. Make it easier for the users to get from one point to another in your website, so that they can easily find the way in your site to their destination. It is up to the designer to make the amount of question marks to be zero for the users. By making the users do less reasoning while surfing your website, you make it easier for the user to surf your website. 2. Value the Patience of Users If you have a website in which you are providing some tool or service, try to minimize requirements from users. Studies have shown that, the chances of users trying your service increases, if the action required on the part of users for testing that service is less. Asking users to fill long forms and requiring them to share too much information, can make them lose patience and leave your site. Try to make users comfortable by letting them explore your website and try your service by sharing less information like an email address. Ideally what you should do is give the part of your service free without even asking any data from users. Asking even simple steps like ‘to subscribe’ or ‘to register’ can lead your users to leaving your site. 3. Try to Get Attention of Users While designing a website, you deal with two types of content static and dynamic. This makes the interface of your website to be more selective. Images grab the attention of users more than the text. You must understand that the human eyes do not move in a linear pattern. This is why the visitors of your websites can realize the edges, motions and patterns instantly once they visit your website. This is the reason why the video based ads catch the attention of the users instantly. Focusing attention of users at certain areas of you website by proper use of graphics can make navigation of your website easier for the users. Remember that the less questions users will have while surfing your website, the more easily they will be able to set their preferences of surfing you website. The less you make your users think, the more users will have a better user experience. When it comes to user experience, it is important to provide the users with relevant information, so that they don’t feel cheated and visit your website again.