3 UX Conferences of 2013 You Don’t Want To Miss

ux conferences 2013

There’s a lot of searching involved in finding inclusive lists of UX conferences 2013, and all over the world, thousands of events are being held, both industry-specific and broad-ranged as well. Those interested in UX, design, or leadership roles in these fields shouldn’t miss out on attending at least one of these conferences this year if possible. There are many things one can learn at UX conferences 2013, even if UX isn’t their field directly. They are a great location to gain insight into problem solving, design and demographic trends, and to see new ways of thinking both in marketing and presentation. They are also an excellent source of understanding of the latest technologies and trends that might boom in the near future. Of course, it’s impossible to attend all conferences, or even to research all of them in order to make a totally informed decision. With that in mind, it’s easier for everyone if influencers in the field list three or so of these conferences they think would be particularly helpful. In this list, I will be doing just that, and I am limiting my items to those no sooner than the end of March, given the time of this composition. #1 – Health Experience Design Conference (March 24-26, Boston, MA) This one seems oddly specific field-wise at first, but actually, those not in the healthcare industries will find this very insightful. The primary reason is that many new computer and robotics technologies are first implemented in the public sector through the medical industry. As a result, this is a conference to see new UX concepts as they are first being applied, through medicine and health. These technologies may not be implemented elsewhere, and this can give you a pioneering edge if you’re not in the medical field yourself. This is also a continuing source of insight into integration of digital technology into daily life, as well as applications of augmented reality for therapy, both of which are very fascinating and will one day reach beyond medicine in a tremendous way. #2 – An Event Apart Seattle (April 1 – 3, Seattle, WA) This is a mobile-oriented conference with all-day learning sessions and a multitude of speakers (not yet announced). This is a conference to attend for seeing how UX designers work around limitations and hurdles in the burgeoning mobile industry. This is insightful for UX designers who must unavoidably account for the growing mobile needs themselves, as well as a great way to gain inspiration for overcoming non-mobile UX hurdles through these case studies. This is a great opportunity to network with other UX designers in and out of the mobile industry as well. #3 – Re:Design/UXD (April 29-30, Menlo Park, CA) This conference offers something a little something different. With a limited attendance, this is a less formal, conversational gathering of people in a salon style. Join authors, designers and experts, as well as your peers in round table discussions of mobile, web interface and conversion UX topics in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. This is a casual meeting of minds, and if you want to attend this, you better hurry, because less than 200 seats are available for the entire event. It’s worth it! These are only a few of the upcoming UX conference 2013 events scheduled, in the next two months, and in the United States alone. Across the world, thousands of these are being held in the months to come.