3 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Design without Touching the Code

There are several essential changes you can make in your website to give it an impressive look and to make it user -friendly. Three important factors that need to be focused on for improvement are the purpose of your website, why the change is necessary, and how to make it SEO oriented. If you concentrate on these three essential factors while changing the design of your website, then you will certainly build up a strong base of your website and also to get a positive response from your customers. It is not always easy to change a web design without touching the code, but if you want to make that change, then here are the three ways that can help you to meet your requirements.
  1. Expand Your Site Navigation System

If you have a website, it is important to develop a good navigation system; this will help users to reach your website. Your website is not getting the expected profits because users are not finding the required contents, so by expanding the navigation system you will attract more users. Basic Tips
  • Go to the menu of the left side. That will help you to get the various sections and sub-sections of your site.
  • Tabs close to the top of the web page can help the visitor to get a quick view and find the important sections of the site. This is helpful and also facilitates browsing.
  • Try to find the product database. The search features should be so accurate that a visitor should not get lost.
  • View recent press releases or some recent important events.
  • The bottom link should give hypertext links to all the sections.
  • A site map is important since it has the link of every page and it also shows the structure of the website.
You can do the navigation on your own and also can apply this system for more than one website. If you find it difficult to do yourself, take on the help of any designer. And you can also take the help of the Google custom search to perform this job. If your website is complex and you are unable to do the navigation on your own, then take the help of a professional web designer for the setting up your navigation system. Your priority is redundant navigation to provide better services to your customers and to get more profit from your business.
  1. Simplify Your Website with WalkMe

Your website has a lot of information for a user to take in, so it’s important to make your website easy to navigate and simple to understand in order to provide a good user experience. WalkMe allows you to easily add interactive on-screen tutorials, or Walk-Thrus, that completely change the way you interact with your users. You can implement WalkMe on a customer-facing site or internal software within your business. WalkMe is the only game-changing platform that instantly simplifies your user experience. Their guidance engagement platform breaks down actions performed into specific steps, promoting a comfortable experience. Through interactive tip balloons, tasks are broken down into guided instructions. WalkMe connects, drives, and motivates customers with direct action by enhancing the user experience. WalkMe offers UX managers an important medium for improving conversion rates, promoting advanced and new features, improving long-term customer value, and reducing attrition and churn. WalkMe provides a simple, personalized, and perceptive experience to the users by a wide range of directions and engagement capabilities.  With the ability to create your own tutorials, your users will be guided effortlessly through any process or action. How WalkMe Improves Your Website Experience 
  • Enables customers to work confidently and effectively
  • Increases fidelity and experience of the customer
  • Helps with real-time guidance which is simple but impressive
  • Improves customer efficiency
  • Decreases churn and attrition
  • Instantly improves site usability
  • Helps the customer with a solution at the beginning of any complication
  • Chances of cross-selling and also up selling
  • Introduces developed, advanced, and new features
  • Looks after the global audiences and adds features according to their needs also
  • Does all the monitoring and analytical works
  • Gives a better option for feedback and communication
  1. Make Your Website Search Engine friendly

For the promotion of your website, your priority should be making it search engine friendly so that it will attract more customers. A website can be search engine friendly in two ways: Making each page user-friendly: For achieving this goal you will have to go through the following procedures:
  • The title needs to be eye-catching. Your title needs to be very enticing and descriptive and it should not exceed eighty characters. This title will be displayed in the search engine, so it’s important you create curiosity.
  • Meta-tags should be informative: Meta-tag description should be precise and should focus on the content of that page only. Try to include important keywords to provide information about the content of that page.
  • Headlines should include the keywords: Make sure that the heading and sub-headings have keywords present at least once.
  • The first paragraph should introduce the keyword and also should emphasize the content.
  • Hyperlink Text: A search engine is friendlier to the words contained in a hyperlink. So, make sure that it has important information about your website.
Make your Navigation Systems more Search Engine Friendly Navigation systems are made with the purpose of helping the users to find their required websites. So you need to be very careful while choosing navigation system for your websites. Two common navigation designs can work negatively. And these two navigation designs are:
  • Frames: Do not go for frames while designing your navigation system. Instead of the frame, you can go for SSIs that are easy to use and also more search engine friendly.
  • Flash and JavaScript Programming is not that search engine friendly. You can make the process easy by simply submitting the sitemap of your website with the link of the pages.
One can use any of the three ways to improve the design of the web pages. All three options can help to enhance your business by attracting more users. The purpose of improving the design of your website should be to meet the demands of the customers and to make it customer friendly.


Ultimately, to improve the design of your website and boost your user experience, there are several things you can do without getting too technical. Improving the structure of your site through a new navigation design, optimizing your site for search engines, or taking on a tool such as WalkMe are all simple options you can take on.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com