5 Awesome User Experience Articles That Will Inspire You

I was absolutely inspired when I came across and read all of these articles during my week. I am blown away by the talent out there and thought it would benefit you to see this talent and have it inspire you as it has done so for me. With that, check out the five awesome user experience articles of the week that will inspire you! 1. The 2013 Trends in Interactive Design by Petra Sell, published on Prophets Starting at the emerging trends in 2012 moving to what is happening in interaction design in 2013. We continue with the consolidation of ongoing trends up to future thinking and some advice on how to keep up.   2. Kill the UX department? Just Be Sure to Build One First by Derek C. Slater, published on FierceCIO Lack of skill in User Experience is a criticism leveled at many an IT shop, Gartner’s gong-clanging about digital CMOs taking the reins of IT spending as a leading example. And indeed, applications that are functional but inelegant won’t cut it in a tech-savvy BYOD employee world, let alone on customer-facing sites and systems. So Chad Vavra’s column headline “Let’s kill the UX department” on Net Magazine may be a little jarring, and even more so because Vavra is, himself, a UX professional.   3. How To Apply UX In An Organisation New To User-centred Design by Luke Chambers, published on UX Mastery I once was subcontracted by a large corporate as the sole user experience designer in a team of designers and developers. This isn’t an unusual situation for a UXer, but this role came with unique difficulties. My mandate was to help the project team “create a well-designed product that met user needs.” While there was a lot of support for this, after a few weeks it became obvious that much of it was lip-service, and there were more than a few challenges in actually achieving this goal. It was easy for the organisation to say the right things and use the right buzzwords, but getting things actually moving in the right direction was hard.   4. The Team Behind the Reddit Insight tool Talks UX by Lauren Kaye, published on Brafton Content marketing and SEO are becoming standard practice for businesses and webmasters that finally understand they need to improve user interface to create better user experiences. This comes as great relief for talented web developers and coders who want to make the internet a more intuitive and innovative place because their work revolves around making the right content accessible at the right moments.   5. Fi Presents the Future of Airline Websites by Craig Grannell, published on Net Magazine Agency Fi has presented its vision for the future of airline websites. As part of an internal research and development project, the agency explained via the site that the vast majority of travellers now use the web to plan travel, but bookings are still rooted in the past. The company examined major airline sites and found them lacking in terms of information architecture, interaction design and visual design.