5 Best Graphics Design Software You Must Know

For any graphic designer, finding the best graphics design software is a major step towards success. Indeed, with the advancement in technology, there is no doubt that everyone is looking for software that is easy to use and which can bring forth better results.

5 Best Graphics Design Software You Must Know

1. SVG-Edit

The scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) software works on shapes that are detailed in XML. This makes it possible for modern browsers to display the images just the same way that the display JPG and similar formats. The fact that it can be used with any browser is an indication that is a flexible option. With such, you do not have to worry about the kind of browser that you are using. One of the things that people who love this software always talk about is the ease with which they can edit graphics and images to suit their own needs.

You can also use the software to edit documents. What makes it one of the best graphics design software is the fact that you can also modify the codes by downloading them. Since it is built for vector graphics that are two dimensional, you cannot use it for 3D graphics. However, with 2D, there is no doubt that you will have the flexibility to work on any document. This is a product that puts you in control of the entire editing process so that you can come up with results that are relevant to your unique needs.

2. Inkscape

This free open source editor that works on vector graphics is also something that is likely to enhance the way that you do your work. It is the perfect choice for people who do not have enough money to move to platforms such as illustrator and the likes. Although there are a couple of restrictions when using this software, there is no doubt that you can come up with nice graphics n=by using it. It is simple and the instructions are straightforward. This is the kind of product that can be effectively used by beginners and still yield god results.

One of the notable features of Inkscape is the way it allows you to resize the images so as to fit your own needs. If you are having trouble working with smaller images or those that are too big for your project, you can easily use this one to resize them the way you desire. As you do so, there will be no effect on the quality of the image as is the case with some of the other software that you are likely to find. In addition to that, this product is available for a wide variety of operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

3. DrawPlus

This two dimensional vector graphics editor is the ideal choice for people who want natural appearing graphics. Designed in the UK, this one of the best graphics design software offers you a chance to use a wide variety of brushes to make your final images look as natural as possible. In fact, those who know how to use the brushes well will even make the image look as if it was not edited at all. This makes the whole project to look realistic and not something that is obviously made. You also can choose to use additional media for the project. You also will retain the capabilities of vector editing.

Among the upstanding features of this software is that you can use it to make an object 3D by extrusion. With a broad selection of 3D styles that you can choose from, one thing that you can expect is that you will have a lot of fun when working with your graphics. This is the kind of software that can make you fall in love with the project owing to the amazing options that it comes with. In addition to that, you can use it to draw your own unique and customized profile which you can then and to the image for whatever reason you need it.

4. Google Developers

You definitely have already heard of Google Developers and the way many people are using it to come up with the images that suit their project. Whether you are a professional or an armature designer, you can easily use the options provided by the application to come up with amazing images. This Chart tool allows you to come up with charts which you can then go ahead to insert into your web pages. It makes the while process short and simple you will be surprised. The best part about it is that there is a wide variety of charts that you can create.

With this software, you can create graphs, spread sheets, map charts, bars and lines. You do not only insert them into your web pages because it also allows you to save the created charts and graphs as images. You therefore can use them in a presentation or simple use them as images in other platforms. You can even print them and use them in other areas. One thing that can be noted about this software is the fact that even though it is effective, efficient and intuitive, it is absolutely free to anyone who would like to try it.

5. Ease.ly

If you want to create info graphics, this is the software that you should go for. You can pick up the themes that you want and combine them with shapes and other objects as well as texts to come up with a wonderful graphic image. The best thing about it is that it takes a very short time.

The bottom line is that there is a wide variety of software that a graphic designer can choose from. Your choice should be determined by the specific project that you want to work. Since not everyone wants to get the same results, it is upon you as the designer to ensure that you have chosen the best graphics design software.


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