5 Common Web Design Mistakes That Are Made

Below are few common web design mistakes common to all designers: Poor Legibility and Readability This is one vital web design element that founders tend to ignore when making their web pages. Evidently, good interface design grabs the user’s attention but readers have to read your text and be able to grapple the information they need. Most websites use bizarre font sizes and styles that make reading more pain to the users. Poor Navigation One of the most common web design mistakes designers ignore is navigation. They forget that navigation in a website should be flawless. When creating your website, one thing you should understand is that navigation must be consistent and intuitive. Users must be able to find their way around with much ease. On-Page Overwhelm With much effort of informing your readers about your products, you may trip and go overboard causing more harm than good. When designing an effective webpage, ensure that you keep your visual options minimally to get better results. For instance, instead of packing the many different reasons why one should try your merchandise, focus on only the three major benefits you can deliver. Unscrupulous Image and Animation Use Too many images on a website are a huge turn off. Images and animations obviously capture the reader’s attention, but on the other hand, they could just be distractions or plain aggravating. To correct the problem, you can try and use flash or JavaScript appropriately. It is one sure way to keep your readers glued to your page without having to move to the next simply because they do not understand where your content is. More Whitespace As one of the common web design mistakes, whitespace is nowadays disregarded. Designers tend to get so overwhelmed in their own design creativeness such that they forget it’s not entirely about them. For this reason, they tend to cram much onto a single page. End product? A cluttered, busy and very unreadable page. When creating your website, ensure that you make your content much easier to read for your users by making use of the whitespace efficiently. Avoid Background Music Last but not least, putting different background music on each webpage is one of the common web design mistakes most designers make. Yes, the music could be interesting or most readers don’t care about it, but you should learn to control the music accordingly. Avoid the music at all costs or if you must put it, ensure you create a frame for the user controls and code. This way, the user can pause or stop the music if they find it irritating. Now that you are aware of what to watch out for when making your startup website, it is time to be sincere with yourself and start assessing your own website for any of the above common web design mistakes . If you maybe desire an unbiased opinion, try asking a colleague or a friend.


Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com