High quality User Experience Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

There are many website designers who want to create a high-quality website that will attract a lot of visitors. If you want to design an exceptional website, you have to learn about user experience and consider the widely recommended user experience tips and tricks. Improving the experience of your users is very important to keeping visitors on your website. It is believed that improving UX boosts sales of your product.

The Top 5 User Experience Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


1.Keep your website simple

It is very important to keep your website simple. Nowadays, people are busy and only have a short time to visit your website and complete their tasks. People love reading a simple website with a clear design. So, if you want to keep visitors satisfied on your site and ensure they return, it is imperative to remove any unnecessary items within your websites. Make sure that there are no distractions and extra, unnecessary features on your site. You want your users to feel comfortable and relaxed when browsing your page.

2.Clear and Intuitive navigation

If you want to improve the user experience within your website, having a clear path to navigate is absolutely necessary. Most people want to visit a website that is organized properly. You have to make sure that your customers can navigate and browse through your website easily. It is recommended to have some breadcrumbs and a sitemap in order to help readers explore your site effectively. Users should know what they have to do within the first 3 seconds after arriving at your website.

This is a simple rule that is followed by most user experience designers. If you cannot make your users navigate your website easily, they are going to leave your site very quickly. Because a site has multiple pages, navigating from one page to another should be as intuitive as possible, in such a way that the user doesn’t get lost. Of course, it’s highly important that your site includes a page with the site’s map, and if possible a search tool. This is one of the most necessary user experience tips you should follow.

3.Create short and compelling content

You also must create compelling and short content in order to grab the attention of visitors coming to your site. It is important to know that users usually only read the content that is relevant to them. You can keep your text succinct and short, but it should be unique. If you want to elaborate and keep the user engaged in your site, you can add a “Read More” button for any interested readers. That way, they are are able to find more relevant information after clicking that button. This method is one of the most effective user experience tips for your website.

Having quality content presented on your site in a clear way is very important because it is going to affect your websites’ performance. People are looking for websites that are properly structured, so that they are able to read content easily and successfully complete their tasks online.

4.Meaningful Color schemes

Color represents an important part of the user experience guidelines for your website. Choosing a color is the first step in shaping your brand identity. Think of any big brand name, for example Apple, Microsoft, or Lacoste; they all have a distinctly defined color, easy to recognize. Of course one cannot come up with new color, time again, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a certain color or colors to your advantage. Visit the websites of your competition and then select a color that best reflects what you have to offer while creating a lasting impression on consumers.

5.User Experience Testing

One of the most important user experience tips to take into consideration is encouraging users to give feedback. For example, a ‘Contact Us’ page, is a great way to engage with your users. User Experience testing allows UX designers to see what users are doing in your site and why it is they are doing it.  This user experience tip is absolutely essential to help you understand how you can improve your user experience and in turn, build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com