5 UX Articles to Get You Ready for Spring

Time flies way too fast. And so does the content online. Offering you 5 articles seems like a bit but I’ve made sure to give you some high quality material to get your spring started. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend you to check out The Ultimate UX Library: 100  Resources from the Best Publications and Writers. This will also give you a head start after your Labor Day weekend. With that, check the new articles out! 1. The Ultimate UX Design of a Google Glass App by Marcin Treder, published on Flat UI Pro In this series Marcin Treder of UXPin – The UX Design App explains how to design the User Experience of the most important ingredients of web and mobile apps. Step-by-step tutorials and examples from the most important services in the world will help you in your own, everyday practice. 2. Connected UX by Aarron Walter, published on A List Apart Over the past six years, as I’ve built a UX team from a solo practice to a team of 11, I’ve seen how design research can greatly influence product development. Early on, we had little time for customer interviews or usability tests. We were mostly shooting from the hip, listening to customer support, and revising on the fly. 3. UI and UX Mistakes to Avoid by Adam Clare, published on Reality is a Game Bad design always irks me. Knowing user experience (UX) design and what makes a good user interface (UI) gives me mixed feelings. On one hand I know what to look for and can appreciate when I see good design; on the other hand, when I see or experience bad design it drives me crazy. It’s like when you first learn Photoshop and then can tell where the software was used (and what tool) when looking at a picture. 4. 5 Lessons Learned from 100,000 Usability Studies by Phil Sharp, published on The Moz Blog It happens all the time. People get confused, frustrated, and angry while using websites. They sigh, they groan, and sometimes they even shout. I see it happen with my own eyes each and every day. 5. 500+ Free Tools for Web Designers, Web Developers and SEO Professionals published on Design Junction At Design Junction, we love our free tools for web designers web developers, mobile websites and for internet marketing (SEO) professionals. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best completely free tools for the web industry. We have categorised these free tools into their primary role web design, web development, mobile and SEO.