5 UX Articles You Have to Read this Week

1. How the Touch Screen Revolution is Impacting UX by Dan Rajan, published on Web Designer Depot In this article, Dan Rajan talks about the design differences of touch screen and desktop as well as the types of interfaces you should use on your website to adapt to this revolution. Check out this article so that you may stay on top of your game with the eery-changing trends. 2. The Future Of UX Design: Tiny, Humanizing Details by John Pavlus, published on FastCoDesign We, as tech and design enthusiasts, are always into the latest trends penetrating the tech field. I, myself, am always asking friends and colleaques what they think will be the future of this and that. But now, John Pavlus gives us insight into the future of UX Design. Check out the tiny details he mentions that are making big strides! 3. Advice For UX Designers: Part 2 – Practical Tips To Become A Better Writer by Sarah Doody, published on Sarah Doody’s Blog Genius article. It’s not enough to be a talented designer – and trust me, there are so many uber taleneted designers out there. Check out this article to see how you can be above the rest just by working on your writing skills. 4. 11 Examples of Crappy UX from News Websites by Graham Charlton, published on Econsultancy Blog What better way to become a better UX designer than to learn from the crappiest websites. Econsultancy provides you with 11 awesomely crappy examples of news websites. See which crappy elements you are implementing in order to change them…TODAY! 5. UX Is Not A Verb by Tim R. Todish, published on UX Magazine UX is not a verb…okay…I can see the sense in that. But does that mean I’m not a UXer? When do we cross the line of making up terms and letting them trend in this age? Tim Todish strongly suggests that the term UX is still extremely vague and people still don’t know what UX really is. Here, Tim goes into detail to finally make the definition of UX extremely clear to anyone who has had doubts about it in the past.