Top 5 UX Articles You Might Have Missed

There is a huge amount of content flowing through the Web, so it’s inevitable that you will miss out on some pretty cool articles that might be of great interest to you. I thought I would help you and fill you in on some engaging UX articles that you might have skipped this week. Check out the top 5 UX articles of the week. Happy reading!

1. The 15 Warning Signs That Marketing Is Blocking Your View of the User

The 15 Warning Signs That Marketing is Blocking Your View of the User by Dr. Philip Hodgson, published on UserFocus There’s no reason why you cannot be a marketer. It’s a new day and age. With the shift of several businesses to the SaaS model, brand, product, and marketing management have become more focused on the user-experience. Dr. Philip Hodgson exposes three pivotal points: a)    The pain points of designers and how a shift from a buyer-focused attitude to a user-focused attitude can create more success for you as a designer and marketer b)    How to prevent problems in design and usability c)     How to establish a more fluid and healthy relationship between the design team and marketing team I recommend this article to all management sectors in businesses, especially in the marketing department and design team. Check out this article to boost your business’s brand, develop a healthy relationship within your marketing and design team, and become a more user-focused marketer and designer.

2. Experience and the 4 Ps of Marketing

Experience and the 4 Ps of Marketing by Jared Spool, published on User Interface Engineering If you haven’t learned the four P’s of marketing, this is a great opportunity to do so. Beyond that, however, Jared Spool does a great job highlighting how the four P’s of marketing play a large role in the success of the overall user experience. This is a recommended read for anyone who is engaged in the marketing field and has a deep interested in customer experience. Read this article to balance your marketing approach for your business.

3. How Service Design Thinking Will Save Your Business and Increase Your Conversion

How Service Design Thinking Will Save Your Business and Increase Your Conversion by Danielle Arad, published on Serve4Impact I’m quite proud of this article as it’s my first published article on service design. Key-in on the steps I’ve provided for you to increase your conversion on your website through service design-thinking. You’ll find useful tools that may assist you in your endeavors to find out where in the conversion funnel your customers are abandoning your site. This is a recommended read for anyone who is interested in truly understanding their customers’ objections and needs as well as designers who are interested in implementing a service design process for their users.

4. Exploration of Single-Page Wesbites

Exploration of Single-Page Websites by Steven Bradley, published on Smashing Magazine This is a great glimpse into the subject of single-page websites and the issue of scrolling. I’m a huge proponent of creating pages that are long enough to tell your story and find this article successful in exploring ways to take single-page website beyond traditional design. Web designers, check out this fabulous article by Steven Bradley to view the diverse ways of navigation you can provide for your users.

5. People as Pixels: Increasing Audience Engagement

People as Pixels: Increasing Audience Engagement by Brandon Satanek, published on ExperienceDzine Okay, I’m guilty, but I can’t help it – I have a sweet spot in my heart for everything Disney. I came across Brandon Satanek’s blog, ExperienceDzine, and found it quite charming. Brandon dubs his blog the Happiest Place on the web for UX Design and presents his article by highlighting how large events are capable of creating interactive experiences for show-goers and connecting people to make them feel part of a larger experience. Trust me, this read is a breather and is worth it – the presentation of the technology is much deeper and more advanced than just a bunch of glowing Mickey Mouse hats. Dive into this article – this is a great read for anyone who wants to get in touch with their childhood memories and experience some nostalgia while learning how Disney and other enterprises push the boundaries of imagination and innovation.