5 UX Resources That Were Hot This Past Week

Connecting – A Video on Interaction Design and User Experience

A video that is worth your while, “Connecting”, gives you a fabulous explanation on how interaction design and user experience pays  crucual role in our future. Explore this video in full depth to listen to key practitioners and instructors in interaction design, UX, and experience design.
Banking on Success: A Content-centered Redesign by Bjorn Bergslien, published on UX Booth I became super intrigued with banking websites a while back and that interest rewarded me with the opportunity to share my knowledge with Usability Geek readers in my article, 3 Ways Your UX Team Can Improve a Banking Website. So, when I saw Bjorn’s article on UX booth, I was relieved, because he establishes the ways a bank can truly be successful and boost conversion– through content. He highlights the key ways to utilize content on a banking website for redesign in a more customer-focused, leaner, and easier-to-manage way.   First Impression on Facebook’s Graph Search by Shaul Olmert, published on Scoutness It’s no surprise that Facebook would stay on top of trends and work to improve the platform to stay on top of its game, continue to disrupt the tech world. With that, talks of a Graph Search developed by the Facebook team, which would allow users to filter searches and receive more specific search results, spread like wildfire and user-tests are already being done to see the success of the feature. Shaul Olmert gives us his impressions as one of the early testers of Facebook’s new Graph Search, providing an overview of what it is and what it isn’t.   Facebook Now Showing Larger Images and Longer Link Previews to Increase User Engagement by Jon Russell, published on The Next Web Yet another feature change on Facebook is confirmed, providing larger stories in the News Feed that link offsite so as to engage users more visually. Jon Russell highlights the features and shows us what to expect after its global launch. I guess I’m pretty excited about this as it could definitely boost my marketing efforts, but, what do you think?   Think Again: Assumptions About Mobile to Reconsider by Karolina Szczur, published on Smashing Magazine I’ve been craving an article like this. Why? Because everyone has been raving about mobile and how fabulous it is; but, what are the misconceptions that are heating up the tech industry today? Karolina Szczur gives a great break down of the myths of mobile, which will allow you to understand the trend in more significance.