5 UX Resources You Might Have Missed

It’s no shock to any of us that with the holiday season coming up, you might have missed out on some good UX reading in the past week. With that, I’ve given you a pre-holiday treat and have provided with the top UX resources that came out in the past week. Happy reading! Designing for Users and Their Devices By Steven Hoober, published on UX Matters A topic that has been of great interest to me and the tech world lately has been that of responsive. While there have been a great deal of articles that responded on the issue, I found this article by Steven Hoober to be well written and clear as to how to go about designing specifically for the user and their device. Take a deeper look into this article to see how you can best implement responsive design for your users and their context. A Must Have Book Collection on UX by Paul Olyslager, published on PaulOlyslager.com This is list that I wish I had access to ages ago. Thanks to Paul, you know have access to the top UX books in order to increase your knowledge. Good deal for putting tabs straight to checkout page, Paul! Enjoy the readings, friends! WalkMe: The Online Parent by Vishal Mehta, published on Technorati Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you had your “parent” to hold your hand through difficult online experiences? Well, now you do. Thanks to a great friend of mine, Vishal Mehta,  Usability and Technology Solutions professional  and CEO of IDYeah Creations, for highlighting WalkMe in Technorati as the online parent and writing such a meaningful article. How Can I Make the Pages on My Site Unique? by Matt Cutts of Google, published on YouTube Cutts’ web video series is a source that has been a consistent library of content regarding key user experience, web design, and usability issues. In this episode, Cutts discusses how many pages can be made that are high quality and unique for users. Explore the answer to the question that many designers ponder to see how you can implement this crucial advice to your site. How to Make Dogs Drive Cars and Users Click Buttons by Lisa Duddington published on Keep It Usable A fascinating resource and quite pleasing and cute to watch and read – something I always like to introduce every week: check out this fascinating article by Lisa Duddington to understand the psychological factors that motivate users to click…and get a kick out of the awesome video of dogs actually driving!