5 UX Team Tips for Best Performance

Your UX team is a pivotal part of making your software work right. You know that your customers’ ability to not only effectively interact, but pleasantly interact with your software in an efficient and logical way is severely important to the overall effectiveness of the design. Those who will swear that GUI or interface is mere polish to be concerned with at the end of the development cycle are wrong, and you shouldn’t listen to them. Truly, in most cases, though, there is a need for a preliminary bit of the functionality engine of the software which must be done pretty early on, but GUI needs to begin its development period near the end of the first segment of the overall cycle. So, when you’re launching a product, you need to have your UX team assembled much sooner than you may have previously believed. This puts you under a bit of pressure you did not anticipate, doesn’t it? Well, let’s cover five things you must consider when you form a team for this task. First, you need a strong leader. This leader will answer to you, but you need them to be pretty independent, and capable of leading the others without your micromanagement. They need to have a good understanding of the human psyche, especially that of your core demographic, he needs to understand some programming, some graphic design, and have a good sense of logic and aesthetics. He or she must be the jack of all trades, who guides the four other parts of the team on their levels. Second, you must have a good art team. Not all GUI designs are graphically detailed, but artists have a sense of space and eye pattern that other parts of the team likely do not. This allows them to help arrange things in the most pleasing and logical order, as well as help to provide color combinations that guide the eyes appropriately. Third, a programming team with a lot of experience in a wide array of graphical interface design is necessary. This may be the same team that developed the core functionality, this Venn overlap is not at all uncommon. However, it’s just as common for this to be another group’s responsibility. But, they better be good programmers, because they need to help make this interface seamlessly work as a layer between the user and the engine. They must understand the engine, and how users think at the same time. Their job is tough. Also, you must have a group capable of a deep understanding of people. They must be able to imagine what their target user demographic will be thinking from one moment or task to the next, when working with the proposed interface. This allows them to forecast problems, and suggest alterations to improve effectiveness in the design. These guys are crucial, trust me. Finally, you must have a good preemptive test department. These guys test the UX before it’s tested on civilian guinea pigs, and also work with the testing team, which is usually separate. They make sure the initial bugs are removed, and they also write guidelines for how the testing team should actually test and gage effectiveness in the UX as well. When assembling a UX team, just bear in mind these are the resources you need above all else.
Boaz Amidor is Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to ux blog