5 Videos That Best Explain UX

User experience is an all-encompassing field with so many different sub-categories that feed into it. The main goal is to create a design that is universally accessible, but there are many obstacles that arise during product design. The following list of videos explain the concept of UX, and introduce useful tips on how to overcome common design challenges in order to successfully design an accessible UX for your product. You can use them to explain your job and hobby, or simply to go back to basics.

1. Henry Swan: “Accessibility Starts with UX”

This video discusses a very important issue within the UX world today. Although there are universal design standards and guidelines, many designs are still lacking in areas such as content order or link placement. According to this video, it is due to a lack of education in the various production teams, where the members aren’t aware of how to create a fully accessible design.

2. The Fundamentals of User Experience

Ever wonder where the term “user experience” originated from? Find out all about how UX began, and the basics of the concept that grew into the UX we know today. This video goes over some fundamental concepts that are necessary when designing UX, from simply making things easier for your customers, to what type of structure is considered appealing, these basics are important for every professional to review once and a while.

3. Accessibility and User Experience

In this interesting video, the importance of incorporating accessible design is stressed as the key to a successful UX. Specifically working with people with disabilities in order to properly understand which areas they struggle in, will create a better understanding of what is lacking in a design. By implementing proper representation for all types of people by using focus groups, usability testing and more, you can make sure that your design is accessible to everyone.

4. User Interface (UX) Techniques

Janne Jul Jenson talks about the “how” of what makes good usability for a user interface. She lists 10 key guidelines that include all the essentials in designing a successful UI for your product. She stresses the importance of a simple and natural mindset, from design to language in order to appeal to the customer, and make sure they feel like they are able to navigate your UI.

5. Forty UX/UI Design Examples

Watch and learn about how the process of user experience and user interface design unfolds within a company. This video provides helpful guidelines on how to provide a power interface, stressing the importance of thinking from the user’s point of view and forgetting your own. User experience is successfully exemplified with these 40 helpful design examples.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com