6 User Experience Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

As always, it is a great pleasure to collect the best resources that I come across in my endless hours of Web surfing. To share what I love to read and view with you is just icing on the cake. With that, I’d like to offer you a special treat for some good, kick-back reading. Happy reading, friends! How to Make a Website: A Tactical Guide for Marketers by Seth Godin, published on Seth’s Blog We are all well aware that in order to design a successful website, there must be a semblance of coherence among all teams involved. Seth gives us an engaging and useful take on how to make a website, successfully, introducing how marketers can work with their teams to build the most effective website possible, without any headaches. Discover how you can implement these tips and tricks to become a better-rounded marketer.   6 Must-See Usability Testing Videos by Tomer Sharon, published on Usabilla Blog If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend to check out Tomer Sharon’s videos and resources, as they aren’t lacking in valuable usability information. Here’s Tomer’s quick and best repository of Usability Testing videos that will help you understand the topic in more detail and give you some laughs while you’re at it.   The Pursuit of Tappiness : Six Easy Ways to Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly by John Meyer, published on UX Magazine Responsive design is a hot trend these days and people are quick to shift their Web surfing to tablet usage, with the prevalence of tablets available, but how do we go about successfully implementing and pursuing this issue? John Meyer presents us with si easy ways to make websites tablet friendly and provides great examples to show which elements in design should be highlighted and attended.   9 Words to Kick-start Your UX Vocabulary published on Lookthink Blog A simple pleasure to read and a great resource to your understand in user experience. Enough said.   Stop Explaining UX and Start Doing UX by Kim Bieler, published on UX Magazine Struggling to make yourself understood in the world of User Experience? Hey, I know I’ve been there. Learn how you can successfully pursue user experience by following the valuable tips that Kim Bieler provides in her latest article in UX Magazine. “Actions are stronger than words,” she claims, so, check out this article today to see how  you can, as Kim puts it, “break the cycle of learned helplessness and earn the respect we crave.”   Empathy: The Thread That Binds Us by Matthew Magain, published on UX Mastery I’m quite fond of the guys at UX Mastery and it’s not my first time presenting their resource in a post just like this one – they seem to get what I want to read, so, props to them. Empathy, a characteristic that I always try to maintain on a daily basis, is often overlooked by us when we think about our users, let alone people with whom we create engagement (sadly). Ultimately, we are creating an experience for our users, so we must be able to put ourselves in our users’ shoes and understand how they are feeling. It’s worth your while to take a step back and really understand the essence of what true empathy entails. Trust me, you will see how far it will take you in your design process and daily routine.