Advantages Of Using Clickable Wireframes For Better User Experience

Clickable wireframes are tools created from interactive prototyping tools by team members and are used to test the users. Since developing a website mostly involves a team, which includes a project manager, web designers, as well as a marketing team. In this setting, each person within the project will have a task that he/she performs; there is also room for the workmates to collaborate especially in the beginning stages. Using prototyping tools will ensure that you not only visualize the ideas but also help you to reduce disagreement between members. Sketching out ideas with paper prototyping can be fast. But this approach has its own limitations. With the aid of an interactive prototyping tool, you can now come up with product design features such as clickable wireframes to help develop your site. Communication within the team members is easier and the best part is that it is possible to modify the details, plus essential requirements. Usability testing is employed here to confirm whether the assumptions about certain prospective clients are indeed correct. The wireframes are later adapted depending on the user feedback, and then tested again on a future date. This is often faster than paper-prototypes which are then thrown away at the end of each project. The digital epoch has made it possible for interested parties to look for relevant tools over the internet that would suit the needs of any team. It is good to begin with low-fidelity prototypes then as you move on, try and build the tools with a more detailed outlook normally determined by the user feedback. Prototypes are commonly used by people of all backgrounds to illustrate concepts for either web or mobile applications. The team members have an advantage of collaborating in real-time when working on a project. With the help of a wireframe, you will plan ahead. This feature provides a detailed layout of a user interface – UI design so as to ascertain if your concept really works. The ‘frames’ are effective when it comes to user experience; they are also used as communication as well as collaboration tool which allows the members to give their opinion concerning UI design concepts. This is done quickly in form of generated visuals without worrying about the design details during the early stages. Related UI information is available at User Interface design tools page. Compared to the traditional approach of pen and paper, wireframe software allows user interface designers to create wireframes. The added advantage of this feature includes the functionality, together with the interactive UX and clickable ‘frames’. The main objective any time you create a wireframe is the functionality. Develop a sparse and Spartan prototypes of UI designs paying attention to elements such as the tab buttons, dropdown menus, check boxes, etc – not only the common features like font or background color. Conducting usability tests using wireframes like clickable ensures that UX designers determine the usability issues. Some online tools are utilized to allow the users perform a remote usability assessment directly without additional application tools. Clickable wireframes present visual designers an opportunity to at least check in to make sure that the design is actually on track.


Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)