Quick Note About Google’s Logo Update

News from google is not usually the focus of my day I must admit. But I have a guilty confession to make. This post by google’s design team yesterday however was a heart warming experience for me. I could see the emotional attachment of the team to their brand and what they are looking to express in their

Crafting a First-Run Experience That Sets Users Up for Return Visits

The success of your site is measured by your ability to create a unique and valuable experience for your users. There are hundreds sites in every category – from personal blogs to product sites and commerce. What makes your site more attractive than the rest? Separate your company’s mission and your site’s functionality. Your site

UX Games for Training Your Department

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about UX games used to train UX people. I talk a lot about training games and how they’re good ice breakers, good character and skill building tools, and positive social activities in training. Fail to mention, I’ve said many times how good gamification is for training, and these

Review of Android User Interface Design

I’ve talked briefly about how laudable the Android user interface design actually is, but I wasn’t terribly specific on why beyond, “It’s not a mess like its competitors.” Well, that’s not a good enough reason to jump on the Android bandwagon, for those interested in using mobile devices. In order to fully appreciate what’s good

Web Navigation and Designing the User Experience

Web navigation and designing the user experience is something that comes up a lot in UX. People often think that UX is just another word for designing this aspect, and they’re actually mistaken. In fact, UX does entirely include this topic, but also much more. Since the interface is how users perceive the entirety of