Best User Experience Services of 2013

When looking for the best user experience services available, you’re most likely going to encounter a very large list of varying age and relevance and with a plethora of different suggestion choices. The problem is that best user experience services lists come and go as technology changes. Services can do things they could not before.

Top Business Information Architecture Principles That Will Save Your Business

Business information architecture is a science of logistics and intrinsics that often gets overlooked. While a lot of detail is paid to interfaces, protocols, and abstract business principles such as training models, worker dynamic models and corporate culture, this important science is left in the shadows. As a result, most companies adhere to very archaic

Interested in UX Architecture? Here’s What You Should Be Looking For.

UX architecture is a field gaining a lot of interest by the business and technologically minded. Those with an artistic flair or strategic mind are also being drawn to this field, realizing its importance to implementation of functionality and usability. So, are you interested in UX architecture? If you are, then there are some facets

User Experience Consulting – What You Should Really Copy From Them

User experience consulting can be a powerful resource when it comes to the success of a business. We’re not going to presume to argue otherwise. In fact, we’d be fools to discourage the use of such a repository of knowledge and experience, which professional consultants can readily bring to your industry. Sometimes, no matter how

Windows 8 UX Guidelines: Usability Disappointment or Spot-on UX?

Well we’ve put this off long enough. Let’s talk about the Windows 8 UX. It’s certainly a big topic in the computing and business world, and while the old adage would claim there’s no such thing as bad PR … maybe that saying came about before the internet was a force to be reckoned with.

Best Ways to Convince Stakeholders on the Value of User Experience Research

User experience research is an important aspect of product design, refinement and persistence in any service or product a company renders. Without user experience research, it is impossible to find and effectively target demographics or to compete with established services or products in a field of industry. It is impossible to spot problems with a

Product and Service Design: What Do Customers Want?

Today, we’re going to look at a very interesting topic, that of product and service design in a differential comparison. The thing is, there are many similarities between the two, but also many disparities as well, resulting in distinctions that are major, but similarities that make them mistakenly interchanged on a moment’s notice.  Ultimately, we