Reviewing the New Gmail UX

Everyone loves Gmail, and there’s a reason for that. Over the past decade, Google has gone from being a slightly novel search engine alternative to Yahoo, to becoming one of the biggest producers of SaaS and free solutions around. Even Microsoft’s worried about Google, with their browser, mobile OS and extensive web services, totally free

How to Find the Best UX Specialist for Your Business

In the world of software or service design, with the predominance of the digital age, you’re probably going to find yourself in need of a UX specialist to ensure optimal effectiveness and usability.  A UX specialist can make all the difference in a project. While your artists and programmers are a crack team, they need

UX Navigation Patterns That Work

UX navigation patterns are essential. There are two sides to this coin and two meanings to the definition of a navigation pattern. Don’t worry, it’s not that confusing, and one feeds into the other in a very obvious and logical sense. We’ll be focusing more on designed navigation patterns for UX designers to implement, but