UX Definition Revealed – What User Experience Means in This Decade

It’s time to rethink your UX definition in this new decade. This is a bold statement, I know, but the fact is, things are changing. Technology is changing, culture is changing, and the way your customers and users think is changing as well. With the new devices, the new applications, and the new speed at

The Upcoming Product Design Awards to Look Out For In 2013

Product design awards are important and those who have been fortunate enough to win one or even be nominated have a reason to be proud. Like with many industries, the concept of awards is not the patting of oneself on the back that those outside the industry would often perceive it. In fact, it is

UX Definition – What User Experience Means for Different Company Departments

Although UX definitions change greatly from one department of a company to the next, user experience does apply directly to any given department, team or individual, as a company is a closed ecosystem. As such, everything that an individual does affects the outcome of what a team does. This in turn affects what the department

10 Biggest Challenges of Human Computer Interaction for Mobile

Mobile human computer interaction is one of the biggest barriers in practical technology today. Due to the limited size of mobile devices and the limited ways they may be implemented unobtrusively, the challenges to the interaction have resulted in some interface choices that turn a lot of people off from using them. These challenges are

The 5 Best Customer Experience Systems of 2013

As time goes by, customer experience systems must change, not only to meet new technological and business standards, but also the attitudes and shifting demographics of user bases, regardless the industry or the field in which a company specializes. Customer experience is paramount to a company’s success and incorporates many different forms of customer interaction.

Challenges of Implementing User Experience Development in Product Design

User experience development is a key, crucial role in the development of a service or product, and one that can’t afford to be overlooked. Alas, in the development process for just about any product or service, companies and teams find it hard to integrate user experience development into the process, where it can have the