Apple User Interface Guidelines Your Startup Should Live By

Apple user interface guidelines might be more like those of other systems than you might think. While Apple products do have a decidedly unique and non-standard mindset and methodology, there are some rules to computing both in mobile and PC that transcend platform. It is these transcendental traits that play the heaviest role in interface design,

What is a UX Strategist?

What is a UX strategist? With the software industry as a whole becoming an increasingly integral part of everyday affairs both in personal life and in all facets of business and entertainment, usability and user experience are becoming increasingly crucial, and also increasingly profitable industries in which to specialize. This fickle science incorporates sociology, art and

The Difference Between User Experience Strategy of Mobile vs. Web

User experience strategy is a complex and involved science, made more so in the multiple platform mindset of modern computing. Where once, the strategy only varied in semantics between specific software purposes and demographics, there is now a wide array of variables which can make strategies far less encompassing and widely-effective as they once were.

11 Best Kept Secrets to Designing for Usability

Designing for usability in the software and web services industry is an immense challenge. Users often don’t realize just what a challenge this provides and they tend to assume that it is in fact less of a difficulty with the diversity and complexity of modern technology, versus the limitations imposed by older technology. This could

5 Steps to Making a Killer Customer Experience Strategy

The importance of customer experience strategy cannot be overlooked if you hope for your company and your service or product to succeed. Customers will frequently judge your company by its customer experience and customer service above and beyond the quality of your product. What is entailed by customer experience is a series of important factors

The Difference Between UX Testing of a Website and Mobile Application

UX testing is an important step in the development or updating of any software or web service. Like beta testing and post-launch UX metric, this testing stage while time consuming is invaluable for ensuring that the service is right for the demographic being targeted. However, there is a fatal mistake many often make with UX