Best Articles of The Week

User experience (UX) includes all the aspects of the interaction of the end-user with an IT system, a company, and its services. UX pays particular attention to the user’s needs, values, and abilities. Below is a round-up of the top 5 user experience articles I’ve read this week.

1. Successful User Experiences Rely more on Psychology than Design

A great user experience needs to be really felt as much as it needs to be seen. UX is 25% screen design and presentation, 25% interaction, and engagement, and the psychology aspect is a big share of 50%.Do not be afraid to use colors or other screen features that stand out to the users.

2. 5 Mobile Prototyping Tools You Must Consider

The ideal mobile prototyping tools have helped team members in improving their creative abilities, detect errors earlier and track their design progress.Designers can test their ideas and quickly implement their designs through collaboration.These mobile prototyping tools include InVision, Pop Prototyping, Solidify, and, Prototyper.

3. 6 UX Factors That Affect Your Search Rankings

Having the proper title tags, regular posting on social media, producing quality content and getting good reviews on your site are the factors that SEO experts know to affect their ranking in Google and other search engines. However, there are UX factors that play a key role, but are viewed less objectively. These factors include the site speed, site security, intuitive navigation, internal linking, mobile optimization and bounce rates.

4. Google Android M Focuses on a Better User Experience

The new version of Google’s mobile OS offers deeper app linking, supports the fingerprint and simplifies app data permissions. Google has set its eyes on improving the user experience by giving the users more choice in controlling the data that the apps can access. The Google Android M will be available this summer.

5. The ATM Interface, Multiples of 20 and Too Many Buttons

The ATM machine can only take out money in increments of $20 but still consists of many buttons. Those machines also require you to specify whether you want cents in spite of the inability to disperse coins. This is why ATM machines should offer a single tap to achieve an error-free task.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)