The Best in UX


#1- Evolving A Creative Workplace

Sandy Greene writes about how a creative workplace can undoubtedly increase the performance of the employees. Part of creating a creative and entertaining workplace is encouraging open communication and opening up the environment. A properly set workplace can stimulate communication between the members of the different departments of the company, it can boost their morale and cut down rumors, too!  

#2- Alternatives To Outdated UX Patterns

As Brian Krall writes, an outdated UX can have a negative impact on both the company’s reputation and performance. Prioritizing content or introducing content-aware images are two of the most notable actions a company can take in order to deal with an outdated UX. Webfonds, inline widgets or overlayed content can also add to the overall usability of the website and to the user experience.  

#3- You Gotta Be…

Jane Justice Leibrock writes that the perfect UX researcher must be highly organized and adaptable. These professionals are skilled and highly trained, they are inventive, intuitive and, most importantly they are very friendly, as only this way they can gather valuable feedback. Other notable qualities every good UX researcher should possess include assertiveness, determination, persuasion and good communication skills.  

#4- How Can Good UX Positively Impact Non-Profit Organizations?

Here, Danica Ralston writes that a high-quality UX can have a tremendous impact on non-profit organizations. Introducing an online donating feature that allows users to willingly donate a certain amount of money to non-profit organizations certainly contributes to the financial sustainability of these companies. Red Cross or Unicef are two of the non-profit organizations that serve as a great study case for the impact of online donations.  

#5- Infinite Scrolling Is Not For All Websites

Hoa Loranger writes that users do not have time to waste scrolling down the website in order to find what they want. Websites that are goal-oriented should take into account other features and functions such as the “Search” feature that enables users to find whatever it is that they are looking for in a fast, efficient and effortless manner. Continuous scrolling can damage user experience, as website visitors are likely to leave the website if they are faced with endless scrolling.  

#6- 5 Mobile Mistakes to Avoid

And here’s one I wrote! It details common mobile UI mistakes that we should all avoid.


Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)