Best User Experience Articles of the Week

#1 A Glimpse Into The Future of NPR, From Its First Ever Creative Director

What’s the future like for NPR? Rebecca Greenfield talks to one of NPR’s first-ever creative directors, Liz Danzico, to get a sneak peek to the future of this reputed brand.

#2 Goodbye to 8 Design Elements Whose Time Has Come

As we in usher 2014 in style, there’s absolutely no doubt that certain changes are going to take place – especially in the world of design. John McKinney gives his two cents on 8 design elements whose time has literary elapsed.

#3 UX Career Advice

What are the right ingredients for succeeding in a User Experience career? This analytical “best of week” article by Susan Farrel and Jakob Nielsen has all the information you need to revitalize your UX career.

#4 How Tumblr Onboards New Users

Tumblr is one of the biggest names today. But how have they shot to fame so quickly? authors analyze some UX secrets behind Tumblr’s exponentially rising user base.

#5 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Better UX

And here’s one I wrote- What do you have in store for your users in 2014? In this nice post I share some ingenious New Year resolutions for better user experience over and beyond 2014.


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