Best User Experience Blogs for Your Enjoyment

It seems like just about every idea out there has a following on the internet, no matter how bizarre or esoteric it may be. And, every one of these interests also has blogs dedicated to discussion and journalism within the subject matter. This is the case with businesses too, and as a result, many a user experience blog has sprung up in recent times. With technology being an increasingly huge part of our lives, both private and professional, there is an ever growing onus for designers to make sure the user experience with their product is spot on, because this is a serious industry. The only way technology has been able to catch on is because of good UX practices making the power of software approachable to users. Are they Worth It: Sometimes, reading a bunch of blogs on a field will just tell you what you already know, more or less, and nothing new or insightful. Along with that, in many communities, they’re not very good. But, in the case of UX, there are always new ideas and old ideas being challenged, and through these blogs, this may be seen by all. The Blogs: So, are any of them good? Yeah, a few of them really are, though in all honesty, you’ll probably only need one of these to follow at any given time, because it is still a niche interest regardless of how important and crucial it is. #1 – UX Booth UX Booth is a massively cooperative blogging site dedicated to the many facets of user experience, as well as the many variances when applied to various industries both old and new. Many minds contribute to this site, and material comes from all over the world, with insights and innovations from the greatest minds in the field on a regular basis. So yeah, this is a damn good one. #2 – UX Magazine This one’s a little less co-op, but is a great formal journalistic blog exploring UX in a classic, magazine way with the touch of the digital we’ve all come to love in modern times. If you liked magazines when they were a thing, and that’s how you wish your blogs would go, then by all means, go with this one. It’s nice and professional, and crisp and clean. #3 – User Interface Engineering Blog For the specific UI aspects of user experience, which are a big factor, if you’re in design you’ll want to look at this one. They discuss the many aspects of UI such as aesthetics, functionality, consistency, approaches, control customization and much more. They also exemplify software that does it right, very often. #4 – Alertbox Alertbox is all about web interface design, which is often not the same thing as a software interface. Of course, there’s the hybrid of the two, SaaS, but that’s another story. Alertbox’s writers aren’t afraid to challenge bad trends or suggest wild and inventive things. These are a few of the user experience blog examples right off the top of the list of the better ones. There are a ton, and they vary in style and quality. These, though, are the ones you should look at first. Read more about Ux software.


Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)