Best UX Articles of the Month

This month was full of fascinating UX articles, and here are some of the top notch reads. With groundbreaking new designs, including a fascinated concept that caters to the handicap, I just had to share these with you! I know I learned so many new useful facts and tips, trust me you don’t want to miss out on these fantastic articles.

1. Telsa’s Groundbreaking UX: An interview with User Interface Manager Brennan Boblett

In UX, there are always groundbreaking new designs, practically around every corner, and Steve Tengler tells us about another innovation in the motor industry. The Telsa Model- S’s user experience goes above and beyond that of any other automobile. Tengler describes just how innovative and sophisticated the design is, how it caters to every need you can think of, and how it offers solutions that are likely needed at that moment. Read more to find out just how intricate and pleasing the new design is!  

2. Why Motor Impaired Users Need Skip Links

What if there was a way for people with motor impairment in their hands to still utilize the internet the same way? Well, according to this article by Anthony, there is! By incorporating something called a skip link into your design, people with motor disabilities will be able to skip to new units on the page, which eliminates the need to drag the scrollbar or flick the mousewheel. The article goes on to outline the various ways a company can customize their skip link, depending on how their webpage is designed. I think this is a pretty impressive design, and definitely worth a read to find out more about it this innovative new technology.  

3. Stop Admiring the Problem: Getting Traction with Your Content Strategy

In her insightful article, Kelly Turner delves into the issue of how to really go about defining content strategy, and what that means. She uses examples from her own professional experience in order to provide the reader with better understanding of how to define their own contest strategy. It’s all about figuring out what your customers need and giving it to them. Turner provides us with some helpful tips on to properly identify and provide what your customers want.

4. The User Experience: Why Data-Not Just Design-Hits the Sweet Spot

According to this article written by Scott A. Snyder, and Jason Hreha, a company’s success doesn’t just depend on the design or function of the product. Instead, it’s all about the data and user experience. The user prefers a comfortable and attractive experience, rather than something hard to use and confusing. For example, Netflix didn’t charge late fees in the beginning, and Blockbuster did, and they eventually when out of business. This fascinating article outlines just how important the user experience is to a company’s success, and with some great examples and very interesting points!  

5. How to Create a Globally Appealing User Experience

How do you create a globally appealing user experience when each person is different and has different wants and needs? Ania Rodriguez outlines the steps to understanding humanity as a whole in order to provide a service that attracts every type of person. She brings in various helpful examples on how to make sure your company is providing a universal service that appeals to everyone.  

6. Help! I need some help! Not just any help…Help in mobile applications

In this day and age, mobile applications are as common as reading a book. With the range of variety of applications one can download, the possibilities seem endless. Yet, when I download an app that takes too long to understand how to use, I know I go right for the uninstall button and never look back. Nick Kellingley provides tips for companies on how to create a better UX from the get-go in order to avoid the customer uninstalling as fast as they installed the app.  From tutorials to easy to find help buttons, these helpful solutions will definitely make me think twice before deleting a confusing app in the future!  

7. 5 Simple Questions to Ask When Looking for User Feedback

When asking for feedback from your customers you want to phrase it in the most clear and comprehensive way, right? Lucjan Kierczak suggests in his article that companies analyze qualitative data in order to completely understand what appeals to the customer. He provides five key questions that provide a well-rounded review of the website, and allows for data to be analyzed efficiently in order to make the necessary improvements.  

8. The Sweet Spot in the Product Development Process- Where Product Management & UX Align

In our latest article, I discuss the process of developing a new product, who does what, and what really goes into the development. Creating a new product is managed by the UX designer and the product manager. Together this duo must create a usable and innovative product. Read more to get a better idea of what each of their roles are, and what each job title requires of the person.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)