Best UX Articles This Week!

This week, as always, I gathered the top UX articles I found online, to help you save precious browsing time. In the 5 articles below, you can read about different perspectives on UX design, which sum up some of the foundations of user experience in general, and user experience design in particular. Learn more about the connection between UX and content marketing, read the complete UX design process guide, and more!  

1.      How To Create a Minimalist Site People Won’t Hate

Jerry Cao writes about the developing trend of minimalist websites designs that became rather popular among UX designers. The article names the advantages which come with minimalist websites design and make the user experience significantly better. What I found particularly interesting in this article, is the understanding that too many distractions take away the great user experience, along with simple, yet significant guides to apply the new designing concept.

2.      Which Button to Press at the Pump? #wtfUX

In this article, Daniel Brown shares a UX experience that might sound familiar to the drivers among us – refueling our car. He writes about the combination between the octane labels with the mechanism choice in different gas stations, and comes to the conclusion that the interactions between the two is not always user-friendly. This article truly demonstrates how UX is important even in our most mundane day-to-day tasks.

3.      UX Design Tips for Your App

Clark Wimberly writes about the importance of great user experience when it comes to apps, in order to avoid user frustration. Every user experience expert must not neglect the crucial UX design considerations that are mentioned in the article, such as not “assaulting” your users with notifications, adapting the UX to the user, using network awareness, etc. Although the tips in the article may seem simple and somewhat obvious, I found them important, and a crucial reminder for even the most experienced UX designers.

4.      A UX Lesson for Content Marketers: Your Invisible Advantage

This article by Mellisa Eggleston shows how a combination between user experience and great content can have major impact on your users. The writer emphasizes the way bad UX can have a negative impact on great content, and stresses the importance of a great UX design. I especially liked the way the article talks about UX as a mindset that every designer, content writer and IT professional should embrace, in order to create the best user experience.

5.      Complete UX Design Process Guide

This article reveals everything you need to know about the UX design process. It talks about how the UX design process exists in order to eliminate unhappy users while reducing discrepancies between people and technology.

The most important thing in the article, in my opinion, is spreading the word of using the UX design to achieve results among users in every field, whether it is an app, software or a videogame.          
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)