Best of UX

1. Scrolling is Easier Than Clicking Usability testing and latest analytics show that scrolling is much easier and convenient than clicking. So, if you’re fond of hiding your some of your information behind tabs chances are that you’re not exploiting your sites full potential. Get in the know by reading this incisive post by Joshua Porter. 2. E-Commerce US: 3 Design Trends to Follow and 3 to Avoid What really matters when it comes to improving user experience on your e-commerce site? Amy Schade discusses 3 do’s and 3 don’ts of e-commerce sites. Get in the know. 3. Usability Tip: Don’t Make Me Search for Search Is your site’s usability up to the mark? It probably isn’t. Tammy Guy shares her two cents about improving your sites usability in this brief article. 4. Getting the Most Out of Your Web Conference Experience One way to ensure that you’re constantly learning and continually updated is by attending professional web-conferences. But how do you decide which web-conference is right for you? Jeremy Girard best of week article has the answer to this question. 5. 2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results In Usability You don’t have to change everything about your site to boost your conversion. It’s the little changes that you make from time to time that matter the most actually. This article talks about some 2 changes that you need to make to improve your usability.


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