The Best of the Week in UX

Another hot summer week has gone by, but that doesn’t mean I’ve let the heat stop me from reading some interesting UX articles! Here are my favorite reads this week.   1. You May Be Losing Users if Responsivle Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy This article by Maximiliano Firtman outlines the many mistakes we make when we don’t cater our sites in an effective way. His article helps make the case for current mobile design goals with fast and responsive technology in mind. 2. The Influence of iOS 7 and Designing For Mobile in an Omnichannel World Nour Diab Yunestakes us on a journey through changing design aesthetics and their role in shaping our user experience and perception. He makes the case that good design helps improve people’s lives while creating useful experiences. 3. Facebook, Sentiment Analysis, and Emotional Contagion Kim Morrow’s article helps define sentiment analysis and emotional contagion using Facebook’s recent study about “emotion manipulation.” Her article walks us through some of the recent articles looking at the difficulty of this study and through some of the articles which challenge the different views of this manipulation. 4. UX Week Keynote Speaker Denise Jacobs on Making Creativity Happen Jesse James Garrett’s interview with Denise Jacobs is an insightful piece about the importance of creativity and design. Jacobs is an extraordinarily perceptive and articulate and I am certain you’ll enjoy this interview with her. 5. What You Must Know About the 4D User Experience Map This article helps articulate the importance of usability perspective mapping and is a summery of the 4D User Experience Map by W. Szabo Peter. In a time where potential customers are struggling to complete their tasks because of unclear content, a 4D user map can help create a visual and accessible outline. bnr14
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)