What Google Maps WiFi Only Option Can do to the App’s UX

According to some users, Google Maps have updated their setting features, adding a “WiFi only” option, which can be toggled between online and offline. The new feature will allow users to be offline and connect to Wi-Fi towers to load previously undownloaded maps. This is contrast to the current “offline areas” mode, which will reconnect

A Comparison of Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft Dynamics based on User Experience

Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft Dynamics are perhaps the most popular CRM software on the marketplace today, and they take fairly different design approaches, stemming from different guiding philosophies. Design approaches have dramatically changed every decade. At first, the command line was a big step up over feeding tape into a machine the size of a

5 Challenges of Application Usability

Technology is becoming increasingly integral in our daily lives, almost as much as the air we breathe and the house which keeps us warm at night. This is going to continue to be a long-standing trend, barring some unforeseen calamities, and the wheels of progress will not stop turning during that time, either. This means