Intriguing Infographic: Quick Start Guide to UX Design

This infographic by Jonathan Lupo shows seven different methods with a single goal – capture the heart and mind of your feature’s user by making their user experience great. According to the infographic, the UX designer must keep in mind three main ideas in order to capture their user’s heart and mind: make it easy

Why Online Bankers Aren’t Comfortable Online

With all of the technology that is available these days, one would imagine that bank customers would be willing to use online banking services to complete transactions. In fact, when you take into account various factors such as the time taken to go to the branch and wait in line during strict banking hours and

Audi Unveils Redesigned for Enhanced Customer Experience

HERNDON, VA–(Marketwired – Jun 4, 2013) – It’s no wonder why Audi is increasingly become a powerhouse company that creates such impeccable vehicles. A new release introduces improvements to the Audi USA website in order to increase the customer experience and create a hotter shopping experience for the already sexy cars. The new features will

Customer Experience Myths That Need to be Busted

I was recently rewarded with the opportunity to attend Gartner’s Annual Conference in Israel, which highlighted key topics in cloud, mobility, social, and customer engagement. What really stood out to me was a particular discussion regarding customer engagement as the next generation of customer services by Michael Maoz. What particularly stood out to me was

5 Killer Customer Experience Strategy Secrets for Your Customer

Is customer experience strategy beginning to become a major priority for your business? Well, we talked a good bit about customer experience systems recently, and since its design is one of the key points of strategy, we ought to talk about it too. In all business affairs, there is a level of strategy required to

The 5 Best Customer Experience Systems of 2013

As time goes by, customer experience systems must change, not only to meet new technological and business standards, but also the attitudes and shifting demographics of user bases, regardless the industry or the field in which a company specializes. Customer experience is paramount to a company’s success and incorporates many different forms of customer interaction.

Company Failing? Tips on How to Improve the Customer Experience

So, your company has a wonderful product or service. It’s novel, it’s new and it has definite demographics that it should appeal to. It has an identity, as does your company, that sets it apart from the competition, and the price point is perfect to make both your company wealthy and the customers happy. Yet,