WhatsApp Launch “WhatsApp Video Calling”, Giving Users Exactly What They Needed and Wanted

Have you seen the ever-so-famous poop emoji? What about some of the other “classics?” Many of the ones seen nowadays are some of the designs created through WhatsApp.   WhatsApp is a globally popular messaging app (over 1 billion users worldwide) that has nearly everything including multi-platform capabilities and unique emojis to help people all

What Google Maps WiFi Only Option Can do to the App’s UX

According to some users, Google Maps have updated their setting features, adding a “WiFi only” option, which can be toggled between online and offline. The new feature will allow users to be offline and connect to Wi-Fi towers to load previously undownloaded maps. This is contrast to the current “offline areas” mode, which will reconnect

3 Hotel Websites with Stellar UX (And what still needs to be fixed…)

Summer is upon us and that means it’s time to start planning and booking exotic getaways. In an ideal world, I’d be spending the next month bouncing around between Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, and Italy, soaking in the sunshine and good times with the ones I love most. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world –

iPhone 7 Redesign, Or Lack Thereof

With September just months away the internet is buzzing with reports and rumors of the “iPhone 7”. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal the next line of iPhones will not see a major redesign due to limitations in currently available technology.   Traditionally Apple has done a major redesign of its iPhone

5 Mobile Prototyping Tools You Must Consider

The right mobile prototyping tools have helped teams improve on their creative abilities and encouraged a collaborative experience during a project design. They have helped team members get automatically updated, document decisions and track the design progress. They have helped clients get an actual feel of the project and get to further understand the project. Mobile prototypes

5 Mobile UX Mistakes to Avoid

This will actually be like the third time I’ve gone over mobile user experience like this, and pointed out mistakes to avoid. The problem is that right now, with this science being so young, it’s hard to make suggestions on how to solve them, but only to cite mistakes and ask that they be solved.

Mobile User Experience- Best Practices

Despite my ire over this topic, mobile user experience is starting to get old now, because I kind of feel like I’m just repeating myself needlessly. There are a specific set of big mistakes being made to advise on, well, not making, and there are limitations to the hardware designs that also lend to a