LinkedIn’s New Design – Here’s Why It Actually Rocks!

  LinkedIn has begun an incremental roll-out of a Hollywood-chick-flick worthy makeover to their site’s UI. The update of LinkedIn’s design was long overdue, with even co-founder Reid Hoffman calling the old site “confusing” and “needing work.”   However, as LinkedIn steps out into the limelight with a slow motion hair flick and an 80’s

Advantages of Graphical User Interface Examples

What is GUIE (Graphical User Interface Examples)? This is a program interface designed to take the advantage of your computer’s graphics capabilities for the purposes of making the program much easier to use. Some of the best graphical user interfaces are able to free the user from knowing the complex command languages. However, there are

The Upcoming Product Design Awards to Look Out For In 2013

Product design awards are important and those who have been fortunate enough to win one or even be nominated have a reason to be proud. Like with many industries, the concept of awards is not the patting of oneself on the back that those outside the industry would often perceive it. In fact, it is

Product and Service Design: What Do Customers Want?

Today, we’re going to look at a very interesting topic, that of product and service design in a differential comparison. The thing is, there are many similarities between the two, but also many disparities as well, resulting in distinctions that are major, but similarities that make them mistakenly interchanged on a moment’s notice.  Ultimately, we