The Week’s Best Reads in UX

This week’s Best in UX offer a variety of different perspectives on mobile experience, software design, and even tips from the very best in professional social network leadership. 1. Search Marketers: The Time to Focus on Mobile User Experience is Now This article by Susan Waldes shares the best and the worst of user experience

This Week’s Best Reads in UX

This Week’s best in UX showcases some of the best advice about redesigning mobile apps or design, finding the right UX candidate with the best UX interview questions, and even a great article about finding best UX practices in Lego. &nnbsp; 1. How Web Design and Mobile Design are Becoming the Same Thing In Chris

The Best of the Week in UX

Another hot summer week has gone by, but that doesn’t mean I’ve let the heat stop me from reading some interesting UX articles! Here are my favorite reads this week.   1. You May Be Losing Users if Responsivle Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy This article by Maximiliano Firtman outlines the many mistakes we make

The Week’s Best Reads in UX

  1. 10 Essential User Experience Methods This article by Jeff Sauro helps outline various texting techniques in UX research. From Moderated In-person testing to Heuristic evaluations, this article helps break down what testing may be most effective in different circumstances.   2. A Day in the Life of: A User Experience Designer at RelateIQ

This Week’s Best in UX

  1. Eight Traits of an Incredible User Experience Professional Stef Miller writes about the strongest attributes of the most successful user experience professionals, from curious collaborative communicators to flexible and adaptable creators, this article helps build a case for strong UX professionals.   2. The 4D User Map This article by W. Szabo Peter

This Week’s Best Articles in User Experience

  1. Essential UX Tips for Your Website This article by Rudolph Musgni focuses on how your website design elements may be helping or hurting your business.   2. Top 10 Favorite UX and Usability Books This list, by Susan Weinschenk is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for books on usability or UX. The

This Week’s Best Articles in UX

  # 1 – Redesigning Mary Meeker’s Ugly Internet Slideshow Belinda Lanks wrote this article on famous redesigns and the importance of how design can give your customers confidence and a better UX. This article showcases the simple but important design elements which make your product findable, shareable and trustworthy.   #2 – 2013 UX