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  1# The Ins & Outs Of Giving Great Feedback As a designer, you have to always accept positive and negative criticism from clients. You need to handle it professional to guard your credibility and reputation. Here is an article I came across by Dan Maccarone the pros and cons of giving great feedbacks  

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  1# The ins & outs Of Giving Great Feedback One of the common problems that we designers and content developers face is criticism. There are clients who are just don’t appreciate quality service. Dan Maccarone explains why it’s important to leave a great feedback when review our work.   2# 2014 Mobile UX design

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1# The Right Way to Ask Users For iOS Permissions Most businesses and app developers do not know how to approach their target customers. Taylor Hughes and Riz Sattar takes a look at various strategies that they can use to access get iOS permissions from users without harming their credibility. 2# How To Make Users

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Mover Over Product Design, UX Is The Future For a long-time, product innovation has been seen as the most powerful marketing tool. But this has changed over the last couple of years. Rick Wise’s article takes a look at why UX is taking over from product design at such an alarming rate. Designing A Child-Friendly

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#1 A Glimpse Into The Future of NPR, From Its First Ever Creative Director What’s the future like for NPR? Rebecca Greenfield talks to one of NPR’s first-ever creative directors, Liz Danzico, to get a sneak peek to the future of this reputed brand. #2 Goodbye to 8 Design Elements Whose Time Has Come As

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Hey Everyone, Another week has come and gone and the UX-Sphere is buzzing as always. Each Thursday, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about User Experience articles, uploaded to the blog. And, here they are: Seamlessness in the Cross-Channel User Experience Seamless user experience is one of the most important requirements

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Hey Everyone It’s been a long week full of surprises and new online articles in the world of UX. Here is a review of some of the top User Experience articles that I came across this week. Enjoy! Design for Experience: Work Environment for Digital Practitioners Experienced designers, developers and researcher are on high demand