Intriguing Infographic: Quick Start Guide to UX Design

This infographic by Jonathan Lupo shows seven different methods with a single goal – capture the heart and mind of your feature’s user by making their user experience great. According to the infographic, the UX designer must keep in mind three main ideas in order to capture their user’s heart and mind: make it easy

What Are the Minions Saying About These Websites Designs?

  Seeing all the terrible (and some quite good) website designs on the web, and being an avid fan of the Minions got me thinking: What are the Minions saying about these website designs? User experience is a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Some companies achieve this balance with an aesthetically pleasing yet functionally

UI Design Software All Professionals Use

UI (User interface) is among the most important parts of any website or product. It is the solid determinant of what a user can make the program do for them. For all professionals, trying to manually UI design for any program can be a painstaking process. It is highly time consuming and the prospects of

5 User Interface Design Tools You Must Have

A successful website or web app will be determined by the development of the graphical user interface. A good user interface will help the web app or website to have more users. Nonetheless, this can be very challenging for the designer. The decisions, concepts and tools used by the designer will determine the satisfaction of

High quality User Experience Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

There are many website designers who want to create a high-quality website that will attract a lot of visitors. If you want to design an exceptional website, you have to learn about user experience and consider the widely recommended user experience tips and tricks. Improving the experience of your users is very important to keeping

4 Basic Ways to Use Personalization to Improve Your Conversion Rate

It’s no secret that relevancy improves a user experience; and that an improved user experience improves conversions, which in turn improves loyalty and retention. But the question is: what improves relevancy? The answer is personalization. I’m a big fan of personalization and need only look at Amazon for a good (scarily good) example of it.