My Favorite UX Articles From This Week

These great UX articles discuss workplace happiness, the war for agency talent  and reviewing designs while drunk. If they sound serious and fun it is only because they are. That and full of terrific information. UX – Designing for Profit and Happiness in Workplace Sarah Deane, author of 4HourUX writes about the strategies for improving

How to Design Effective Information Dashboards for your Business

An Information Dashboard is a real-time display of the key performance indicators of your business. It tells you how your business is doing, which business areas are performing well and which ones need to be improved.  Here’s an example of an information dashboard. Well-designed dashboards make it easy to understand critical information and gain

User Interface Design Software You Must Consider

When you want to grow your application or website quickly, you need to have the best user interface design software today. This type of software is very useful to help you improve the overall user’s experience in your system properly. Improving the overall user’s experience is very useful to help you grow your own business

This Week’s Best in User Experience

In this week’s best in UX these articles take a look at various designs and processes, which can help improve and sustain your UX. 1. 6 Simple Steps to Improve User Experience In Justin Zalewski’s article, he looks at the six key ways you can improve your User experience immediately. From speed and better to

Strategic UX on a Way of Creating a Successful Software

25% of  UX software development projects fail outright and most are over budget by 187%. Furthermore, about 70% of software that reaches the light of day fails due to low user adoption. Why is this? Companies tend to focus on technology as the mean to solving the problem. They overlook the fact that at the

Creating a Dynamic User Interface

One of the most common tasks in which web developers faced is the creation of a dynamic user interface. The interface is used for providing the system users with a means of inputting data. When you are creating the user interface, the initial step is to hammer out the requirements which specifically spell out the