Enhance User Productivity With Just 3 UX Tips

You have the ability to sniff out a productivity tool that is created without the end-user in mind. No matter how advanced and mind-blowing a technology is, if it isn’t user-friendly, it will feel off.   For a product to be effective, it must feel like an extension of our psyche rather than force us

Your Testing Checklist

Gone are the command line days and most computer users today are only literate about the graphical interface. GUI is a strong element of user satisfaction and nothing displeases a computer user more than dysfunctional graphical interfaces. For this reason, app developers and software engineers often contract third parties to help them in conducting GUI

10 Tactics to Boost Your User’s Experience

Improving User Experience is vital in building satisfaction and trust with your audience. It is one thing to catch one’s eye with great visual design, but it is another thing to keep them there by delivering content in a meaningful, practical and efficient manner. Here are 10 tips to improve user experience. 1. Create a

Top Articles on UX and Usability This Week

1# User Experience Is the New Differentiator. How Will That Affect the Internet? Cory von Wallenstein takes a closer look at how user experience changes will redefine internet. 2# Conversion Optimization: Measuring Usability in The User Experience (UX) Part 1 Measuring usability is very important if you want to fully optimize conversion. Shari Thurow looks

7 User Experience & Usability Statistics You Must Know

Improving user experience means building better connections for users across a variety of devices, especially smartphones and tablets. And in order to build this enhanced experience, there are a number of considerations that can help designers better meet their users’ needs. Instantly boost your UX with WalkMe’s step-by-step guidance. Luckily, a number of mobile usability

User Experience and Usability – Understanding the Difference

User experience and usability are some of the words that are used in the digital world that most people normally assume their meaning. This is because they do not realize that there is a major difference between the two which is: Usability This is the efforts put in place to get something done easily and

Accessibility Testing – Everything You Need to Know

As a designer, programmer or any other part of the creative and scientific process of creating a digital design, you probably let out a groan when something like accessibility testing is brought up. Half the designers and coders I know will roll their eyes and claim things like this are babble used by analysts to