Paper Prototyping Best Practices

Ok, before we really get into the finer points of paper prototyping, let me be clear. I will actually recommend groups do this, for the best usability they can get, and so that their design process goes smoothly. But, this is a practice I catch myself almost never using. Well, this isn’t because I’m opposed

Increasing Usability for Virtual Store Buying – Danger or Dream Come True?

With the introduction of virtual stores by Tesco in the subways of South Korea, the trend of shopping has changed completely. These virtual stores come with many advantages for the busy people in the bustling cities of the world. They have truly added to the ease of shopping, which was initially provided by e-commerce on

Why You Should Require Usability Testing for Your Product

This article was written by Prashant Jawale. Prashant is a usability tester at Techved Consulting, which specializes in other fields like e-commerce website solutions as well. You may follow Prashant via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or his blog. In usability testing, insight of the consumer is taken into consideration. The scope of the project is the intial step and in the ending