Ways to Do Usability Testing and Its Importance in Our Business

This article was written by Prashant Jawale. Prashant is a usability tester at Techved Consulting, which specializes in other fields like e-commerce website solutions as well. You may follow Prashat via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or his blog. For manufacturing a product, many companies spend a lot of capital on proper and attractive designing as well as

Usability Testing Questions You Should Know Before the Test

Usability testing questions are tremendously important, but have you really ever stopped to think them through? Many times, when it comes to usability testing, people will formulate the questions last minute, or on the fly, thinking that whatever comes to mind is a given. This is a mistake because usability testing is so crucial, so,

11 Best Kept Secrets to Designing for Usability

Designing for usability in the software and web services industry is an immense challenge. Users often don’t realize just what a challenge this provides and they tend to assume that it is in fact less of a difficulty with the diversity and complexity of modern technology, versus the limitations imposed by older technology. This could

12 Tips to Improve your UX Usability Testing Technique

This article was originally written by Paul Olyslager. Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product, such as an application, website, book, etc., by observing people using it. The goal is to discover usability problems, collect quantitative data (e.g. time on task, error rates), and determine the participant’s satisfaction with the product. I’ve

Four Steps to Gaining User Trust in Your Website

Is the user experience flow of your website instilling trust in your visitors? Whether you operate an e-commerce business or any application that requires personal information, your website should dispel any insecurities the user may have about doing business with you and seamlessly lead them further down the conversion funnel. How is this process achieved?

The Difference (And Relationship) Between Usability And User Experience

This article was originally written by Justin Mifsud. After web site accessibility, “user experience” (abbreviated as UX) is probably the phrase that most people tend to confuse usability with. Whilst this topic has been discussed by various experts in the respective fields, I feel the need to write about it for two main reasons. The first