The Human Centered Design Guidebook Every Designer Must Read by Amplero’s Head of UX Design Dave Landis

I’m excited to introduce Dave Landis, Head of UX Design and Research at Amplero. With a vast amount of experience under his belt in various subfields of user experience, in addition to working for major tech giants such as Amazon and SAP in the past, Dave has much knowledge to share about the world of

It’s All About Understanding Your Users: An Interview with Luke Grohovsky

  In this week’s interview we’re going to dive into what it takes to truly understand your users, and how to achieve a successful design with the skilled Luke Grohovsky. Luke has 15 years of digital experience in animation, user interface design and information architecture.   He’s worked for agencies large and small with clients

Essential UX Design Tips from Mockplus’s CEO Song Lau

  In UX design there are a handful of talents and abilities critical to the success of a designer’s work. I had the pleasure of discussing some of these key concepts within UX design with Mockplus’s CEO and Product Designer, Song Lau.   I was curious to find out just how this prototyping design expert

Rules of Human Design in the Digital World by Rita Feldman

I am happy to present yet another fantastic professional as part of our expert-interview series! This week, we feature talented User Experience Designer Rita Feldman. Rita is a skilled UX Architect focused on Web and Visual Design, and Front End Web Development. With experience in freelance design, Rita’s passion for creativity and detail shine through

UX Architect Patrick McColley Tells It Like It Is

Companies that want to dazzle their customers and stamp out the competition are coming to understand just how essential UX is for their success. We see this now especially as companies have been increasingly hiring UX architects to work in-house.     One such architect is Patrick McColley who has more than 15 years of

How to Tell the story of Digital Product Design – Interview with Josh Clark Founder of Global Moxie

Our Good friends at UX Week shared this great interview with us. In this interview, Jesse speaks with Josh Clark of Global Moxie and one of the UX Week keynote speakers, about his love of storytelling and how that fits into the current trends in digital product design, and where those trends might be heading.

User Experience Helps Users Everyday

Interview with Greg Jones and  Amy Hillman – User Experience Architects at Fiserv Two weeks ago I came across a news report about Credit Union ONE, a leading provider of financial services. The report focused on their decision to use a processing platform from Fiserv, in order to enhance service for its 108,000 members. I’ve