Interview with Ken Rutsky, President and Principal Consultant at KJR Associates Inc.

Meet Ken Rutsky. Ken worked for several companies before he left 4 ½ years ago to start my his consulting business and focus on driving top line through innovation and position messaging. He then came to customer journey mapping and realized that he was investing so much on getting customers instead of optimizing how to drive maximum

Interview with Tal Florentin, UX Specialist, Author, Lecturer, & Imagineer

Tal Florentin is a leading User Experience practitioner who successfully led dozens of companies and organization to effective products using a winning User Experience strategy. He is the author of The User Experience – When People Meet Products and Director of UXVision, User Experience Certification Program.

Interview with Steven Ma, Sr. User Experience Designer at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Steven Ma is a Sr. User Experience Designer at Amazon Mechanical Turk.  He is a believer in interaction efficiency and intelligence, and this belief forms the core of his interaction design work.  Prior to joining Amazon in 2012, he was the lead UX engineer at the IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization group where he spent a

Interview with Idan Gazit, Django Core Designer

Designer, developer, djangonaut, geek. Idan likes to find ways to bridge the worlds of development and the many other design-related issues which affect product: interaction, information architecture, and visual design. As Django’s benevolent designer for life, he is busy trying to make Django a shining example of cooperation between developers and designers in the open

Meet Adi Mazor Kario, UI/UX Architect & Manager of Wizard UI Consulting

Adi is a UX architect. She worked both as in-house UX and as a UX consultant for 15 years but she is still enthusiastic and passionate about UX since the day she started. Adi holds a BA in Design and MA in cognitive science. Adi is the manager and owner of Wizard UI Consulting, which specializes

Meet Qualcomm’s Principal UX Researcher, Bennett King

As a UX enthusiast, I use my interviews with influential UXers to learn about trending topics occurring today and gain inspiration. Especially with today’s focus on mobile, I thought it fitting to reach out to the user experience researcher at Qualcomm, which focuses on wireless technology and mobile innovation. After doing some research, I connected with Bennett